Just finished this and liked it. Anyone else seen it?

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i watched it

find it quite difficult to give a score - at times the cringe was a bit unbearable, I just wanted to scream “stop talking to them and walk away” or " for gods sake SPEAK, use words!".

I hated it when people just wouldn’t respond at all to a question

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I could watch them doing nothing all day tbh.
The intro/outro music never failed to scare me shitless.

So loud!

Is this the Sean Bean thing? Why are people not replying?

I used to work with someone like this - drove me spare

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Yeah the Sean Bean one. There are times when a character asks another a question and they’ll just not reply. Rude.

Want me to get your slippers?

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Hmm. Sounds like something that would annoy me. I’ll be watching tonight!


Haven’t seen the last one yet, but I’d like Sean Beans character and the bloke from the supermarket to become best friends.


Is Sean bean the same character as he was in TIME?
Cause that was dreary.

I can never work out if Sean Bean is miscast in everything he’s in or cast perfectly. An intriguing actor.

Very similar


Just can’t help myself, every time the title card comes up.

One episode left, I’m finding it very difficult to critique. Nothing happens in a scene, and yet lots seems to be going on that is unspoken. The scene where they were going out for the anniversary meal and they get a call from her dad because the oven didn’t work. Except it had just been turned off at the wall, so did he do it deliberately? Maybe. She makes him a sandwich and we cut to them getting a Chinese takeaway and watching tv while they eat the prawn crackers on the sofa. Marriage, innit?

congrats, mate.


Cheers. Just in the airport now on the honeymoon.


have a good one x

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Me too! But the chances are the bloke from the supermarket will never be seen again. Remember episode one when the girl from the gym went off to meet her family at the pub?

Why did we get to see that? No reason…

I was baffled by that. And why did he start knocking on the Ladies when she was in there? No reason I suppose.

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