Married at First Sight Australia (MAFS) season 11 begins Monday 29th January

I know this doesn’t air on E4 until later this month but I’ve started watching online. Is anyone else watching yet?

This is really good again.

Was going to start it at the weekend but I think I’ll get Love is Blind series 2 out of the way first before starting in to the 100 episodes of an Australian show

Would love it if there’s no absolute bastards like that ginger guy from the last channel 4 season. Reese was it? The radio guy. Pleased I can’t remember his name actually.

Of course, knowing this show, probably everyone is now like him

Bryce. I won’t spoil it for you :grimacing:

I think I want a cast full of Cams and Juleses but really we all want to hate watch Ines, Mike and Bryce

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Think this is airing on E4 now.

Snap decisions about 20 mins in

Great…another person who’s never been in a relationship

Brent - twat
Texan - cauliflower ear toxic masculinity
Mitch - greasy Shane Lynch
Olivia - the new Melissa, just waiting to be walked all over by a bastard

No obvious megabitch so far. Going to guess it’ll be Celin…actually, Tamara has just opened her mouth, guess it’ll be her

Cannot stand the way the men always say “I want to meet a female” :nauseated_face:

Correction, Selin seems a GBOL

Episode 3: Poor Holly went from “Texans like guns and hate abortion” to “he’s got great arms and a nice smile” as soon as she heard he was a dad. Her whole being visually shifted from nerves to swoon in the blink of an eye.

Think I maybe misjudged Texas man in the first episode

Nope, he’s “entitled” to sex apparently

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He is awful! Worse than Bryce from last year.

Olivia seems lovely. Her mum’s a bit fucking intense though.

Al has no business being on this show…doubt he’ll be on for long

Texan is a total asshole. However, why would the “experts” put a fuckboi with someone who’s main goal is to have a baby? I know it’s ostensibly a game show but it feels like it’s done solely to spark conflict. Not sure why that surprises me 9 seasons in but it’s still shit

Can’t get over Hollie’s similarities to Kylie

Protective Big Brother and Vulnerable about her Weight Girl are lovely

Celin is a fucking shit

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He’s so toxic and fame-hungry. I agree that it wasn’t fair to put her through that emotional turmoil.

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Fuck yeah! She gave him both barrels there

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Cannot believe that absolute shit sat on her phone during Anthony’s video. I have no idea how he has managed to keep his cool so far.

Really hope the experts tear her apart on the couch

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Yeah Selin is so cold and horrible to him. Anthony genuinely tried so much as well and he seems like a nice person.

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