Married at First Sight Australia (MAFS) season 11 begins Monday 29th January

Finally! After 9 episodes someone’s said “how ya travellin’?”

I’ve never noticed that before! Is it an Australian saying? I never realised how often Australians actually say ‘far out’ before watching MAFS!

They said it all the time in season 5/6

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I’m on episode 22 and this is such a good season. Easily as good as last year.

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Feel like if I let it slip to my wife I could get all the episodes, we’d be there too. I can only stomach one a night

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Can’t believe they all swallowed Tex’s shit in the dinner party

Urgh yeah that episode was awful. All the women especially just buying everything that he says. Is Holly there yet?

Yeah, just came in doing a girl power strut and it went down like a ton of bricks. Olivia has properly gone down in my estimations.

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Fucking Boyzone reject fella with the gold earrings is vile too

I am Holly in every confrontation I ever get into

I love Al.

Massive heel turn from Olivia.

Tex is a sociopath

Al’s expressions are constantly
remake highquality GIF


Don’t know why those two had to insert themselves into something that had precisely fuck all to do with them

Yeah “you were pulling faces and being disrespectful” said while pulling faces and being disrespectful


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(Not watching live) getting bad vibes from the new twin woman in her intro video. Hopefully she proves me wrong.

Fuck, 5 seconds into Dion and I already HATE him

I’m on episode 3

Texas! Texas Texas Texas Texas


Kate is HARD work

What a weapon. Chateau Marmont on the back of your jacket.

Beginning to think The Notebook is the only film this new guy has seen