Married at First Sight UK (#MAFSUK)

I’m actually just on yesterday but

in that sofa convo where she had a prepared statement, did Whitney have a go at Duka because she felt the rest of the group were against her and he didn’t stand up for her?? But they were against her running him down??? So he was supposed to defend her for slagging him off???

I think so??! But he was standing up for her in a way? He was being all like “no don’t cry” but she’s just consistently been awful to him for hardly any reason other than he’s perky Pete???

This constant vegan debate is very tedious


Hate all these new people apart from the Carpenter

Didn’t really enjoy the handling of the ADHD stuff in that one :confused:

Why are they bringing in these new chumps? Don’t like them

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MAFS NZ s3 has some despicable human beings in it

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Get used to the taste of fish!


Adrian has the patience of a saint

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Watching last night’s rn. April talking about face tats being scary is sending me "he called me mate and I was like :fearful: "

He is scary tho, ngl. I do not take chances with those type of Viking dudes.

Finding it hard to form an opinion on Duka and Whitney. I don’t think enough is shown of them to know what the real dynamic is. I suppose the same goes for Jenna and Zoe.

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Fucking hell Thomas

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Oh wow… another couple swap how unexpected

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They did a good job disguising what a piece of shit Jonathan is for the first couple of episodes he was there for eh?

Matt, also the absolute worst.


Fuck me this is drama

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Felt like a really nasty and exploitative episode that, didn’t feel good watching it. I mean I know all reality TV is, but that episode felt like a screeching left turn.

Matt is a very gross man. Jonathan’s a prick. Feels like Gemma’s been really fucked over by the production in a really horrible way.

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George’s facial expressions the last 2 episodes have been excellent. Think he’s gonna explode in an episode or two.

Do you know what I’d like? I’d like to kiss your fucking head off


Really dislike George. Obviously heavily edited so it’s difficult to tell what’s what and things may be excusable in context, but it feels like he’s making April feel like shit for things that are misunderstandings between them and refusing to see her point of view. And It’s very difficult to imagine him googling April and grilling her on a prior relationship is at all excusable in any context. Really wanna know what Adrian said in the commitment ceremony that George yelled at him for, obvious something was edited out there.

Love Zoe so much tho :black_heart:

Her and Jenna are the absolute best

Some really grim stuff coming out of this series regarding george’s history, and all of what youre saying is signs of that

Also just read an interview with gemma which is also awful about how shes been portrayed, how agressive matt was and how producers coerceced her into staying when she had had enough.

Think the producers/e4 have a lot to answer for