Married at first sight


anyone else been watching this on ch4?

4 couples have signed up to marry a complete stranger based on “science” and a token religious guy matching them, they then have to go on honeymoon and live together for a month before deciding whether or not to stay together

think this is the second series, in the first series they only got 1 couple who’d do it, turns out the guy was caught shagging other girls on tinder within the first two weeks


Nah, there were two couples on season 1. One made a good go of it. Dude looked a bit like El-P.


was there? i only remember the guy who was caught doing the dirty


I’ve never heard of it, but it sounds like it makes a complete mockery of the glorious institution of marriage, and I shan’t be watching any of it.


it certainly does but there’s something gloriously entertaining about seeing someone clap eyes on their future spouse seconds before they’re married and them realising they’ve been matched with an absolute rotter


Yer man who got completely rat-arsed at the vineyard.


when his mrs uttered the immortal “i think we’re both done with wine now” line…


Married at First Shitr




fucked it


Ha and he had that proper blokey reaction of ‘how can you moan and complain, look at how beautiful everything is round here’. It’d probably be a bit more beautiful if you didn’t sink 4 bottles of red pal.


The spin-off app needs some work


he was always going to be a complete breast though, can’t believe he made her go and watch an england game on like the second night of their honeymoon too!

totally basic stuff


Loved it when he started chatting to that old bloke too. Proper head in hands stuff.


slapping her on the back when they scored :joy: