Married at first sight

That misplaced confidence
Whispers to Heidi “I’m gonna say something”

Can’t see the exact gaslighting behaviour he uses when it’s used by another person. Makes me think he does actually see himself as a great guy

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Ennis getting done for drink driving is no surprise

Might lose a load of weight and get unreadable stuff tattooed on my collar bones

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Some things I really enjoyed:

The episode when the middle expert was dressed as leather jacket Sandy from Grease

When Martha called out her mums hair

Mike reverting to type every time you think he might not be a complete cock

Ines’s cough


I loved everyone watching Jess’s video on the final sofa review with Dan. She tells Martha and the cameraman that she fancies Nic, then chats him up, calls him hot, gets rejected and then returns to Martha and tells her she got rejected.

Then back on the sofa she claims to have not chatted him up.

But we just watched it Jess! We just watched it.


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Dunno if this has been said but one of them is a ‘neuro psychotherapist’, which isn’t a real thing. Reminds of linked in where everyone calls themselves a manager.

Finished it. Fuck.

41 hours. Fuck.

A shame that Mark and Ning didn’t make it. Think there was something there, if they could have let things develop naturally.

Even felt a bit sad watching Mike and Heidi at the end. Heidi is good people.

Absolutely no surprises about Dan and the fraud charge. Slime.

Where is season 7? Come on e4.


New UK series starts tonight with EIGHT couples. Hope it’s not the aussie format much much prefer the UK one

Yes but all the needless fighting and pettiness!


That’s what I tune in for. Wonder if there will be a few available to watch on demand on 4oD

From the looks of the trailer, I think its now very much the Aussie format

Seems to be on every day too.

Just when you’ve got rid of one daily reality tv show…

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New MAFSUK thread?

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Yeah we need a fresh thread surely

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New thread innit

Here we go. Season 8.

The woman who was married to a 33 year old when she was 17, eeeeesh

Is the new Aus one any good so far? Not sure I can be arsed si soon after the UK one.

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