Married at first sight


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Yeah it got super awks on Mathews honeymoon - he’s not going to bang her on camera guys, get out the room

I can’t watch it so this is fine.

Matthew: go on Matthew!!! But you do have to laugh that he went to hospital cause he was so scared of losing his virginity. Bless him!!! :pleading_face:


Did anyone else see Elizabeth put a slice of pizza in the toaster?

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Start a thread on that tomorrow.

I’m about a week ahead now but Sam ffs.

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How are they putting these episodes up? or are they on daily on E4?

I’ve now watch episode 6 and 7

Jess moaning at farmer boy for not having her back and the example she said was “well if someone took the piss out of his boots, I would have been angry for him” errrr no someone did take the piss out of his boots and you also took the piss out of his boots :laughing:

I am LOVING Ines though. Loving her. She’s definitely gonna try to steal Sam, right? He’s ruthless like her.
Poor stripper boy!! Although he seems a bit slimey, can’t quite put my finger on what it is but it’s probably the eyebrow piercing.

Reckon that Ines has got a split personality disorder or something

I couldn’t believe the lack of immediate reaction from stripper fella’s wife when he said he became a stripper because him mum wanted him to.

It’s on at 7:30 on E4 weekdays

That is quite a tall tail :grinning:

What did Bronsob call Innes that he got told off for? Was too busy reading DIS

Think he called her a cunt

Why is Ines constantly going off on one as though he’s committed some heinous crime or something? It’s bizarre and doesn’t seem to match up with anything he’s done, unless I missed it

I think this is just how people are on reality tv :man_shrugging: I guess egged on by the people behind the cameras

Also very well edited, even if it’s not a fair reflection of what’s actually happening.


I saw a spoiler googling what Bronson said - it was the C word!!!

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Feel sorry for Elizabeth. I liked her mum.

No idea why Bronson is sticking around. Assuming they get paid every week for it?