Married at first sight

Dan absolutely sweating and shitting himself


Slimiest bloke alive
I give them a week of banging before they realise they have absolutely nothing of interest to say to each other

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Quite exhausting to watch this isn’t it. It’s stressful.

What do they do about work btw, how do they get all the time off? Or do they just quit their jobs

If you’re that curly haired millionaire douche from series 5 you just keep working and ignore your new wife. Easy.

Enjoyed watching the “experts” jump through hoops to justify them staying. Load of nonsense.

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Well it does make a mockery of the show, makes us look like mugs, sowed division and anger within the group…

Sound of cash registers ringing in their ears

… They’re in!

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If I hear “I’ve come here to find love” one more time I might lose it.

Absolutely DYING at Mike whooping it up at the top of the crows nest whilst Heidi absolutely fumes below him!


That was incredible!

Ok guys, we’re in the final stretch!!! Only 5 episodes more. Can’t believe what a wild ride we’ve been on. We’ve been watching this since the start of January. Not sure what I’m going to do without it tbh?

Quick poll on where everyone is:

  • Still loving it!
  • I like it but lost the loving feeling
  • I’ll finish it but it’s a bit of a slog lets be honest
  • I’m fully over it!!
  • Finished it already

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This is the third season I’ve watched of this and once again I’ve bailed before it’s over - it just gets so boring in the later stages and the made up drama stands out like a sore thumb

I’ve not done the traditional google to see who’s still together yet but I’m guessing the answer is “none” as usual

It’s appropriate that this programme has put on strain on ms foppyish and my relationship, i’m not saying it’s not addictive though.

I thought tonight’s was the last, so disappointed that there are five more.

Tonight’s looks good where they do the little relationship cards they did on honeymoon but in front of each other!

Well my ipad listens to me so every time I go on instagram discovery bit, I get ALL the couples so I’ve had a fair few spoilers. From what I can tell: Only Cam and Jules are together and have a baby!!

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It’s been 4 days and no posts???!!!

I didn’t even bother with Martha, Michael, Ning and mark’s episode. What did they do?

Tonight’s dinner party looks good though!!!

I barely watched it… they all agreed to continue except Mark… Ning was up for it, he wasn’t.

Yeah, dinner party looks excellent. Last episode next Monday and it’s usually a good one. Back on the sofa and replay their “highlights”. Hoping they show Jess propositioning Nick before she started on Dan. That would be beautiful.

!! I heard something about that from my friend he said they break up being interviewed as they show that clip! He made it sound like it was on a different tv show though? Maybe that will happen?! OMG

Martha is such a nasty shit stirrer. Actually makes me angry.


Ok so I’ve come crawling back and this is great telly

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Cyrell :heart: