Married at first sight

We stopped watching it assuming the final week would just be them being boring and confirming their love for each other etc. Did anything good happen?

The final vow episodes aren’t really worth catching up on, but there was a final dinner party last night with plenty of drama and then there’s a final sofa episode on Monday and looks like there will be even MORE drama.

Cheers. Will watch dinner party.

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I didn’t see it but it sounds like the teaser for the next episode showed the interview that meow was talking about up above.

Ines realising what Sam’s actually like was delicious

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Cyrell is blockbuster entertainment

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Ok wow

It’s very clear Dan is mortified and I don’t think he would have done what he done if Jess wasn’t coming on so strong? But also he’s clearly an idiot.

Send help mate. Can’t stop speaking in an Australian accent mate. It has been several weeks mate.


You’re supposed to be myyyyy husssbannnd in a cyrell accent for months at the wife here

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How ya goin?

Oh and every trade or profession now ends in ie like they do for bikie instead of biker.

“might have to get the plumbie out to that”.

There’s significant cross over with the annoying your partner thread here.

Keep going “yeah, yeah, yeah” like the lad of the teen first dates advert everytime she asks me a question too.


Fucking love that Sam got eviscerated, and what a surprise the cunt didn’t show up

Mike can fuck off as well, cunt

Absolute misogynistic prick him. Glad she fucked him off.

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Him trying to pin everything on Heidi
“How can we resolve you overreacting to everything?”

Such a bastard

Couldn’t actually believe it when he was still sticking up for Sam

Sam is a fucking danger

That misplaced confidence
Whispers to Heidi “I’m gonna say something”

Can’t see the exact gaslighting behaviour he uses when it’s used by another person. Makes me think he does actually see himself as a great guy

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Ennis getting done for drink driving is no surprise

Might lose a load of weight and get unreadable stuff tattooed on my collar bones

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Some things I really enjoyed:

The episode when the middle expert was dressed as leather jacket Sandy from Grease

When Martha called out her mums hair

Mike reverting to type every time you think he might not be a complete cock

Ines’s cough


I loved everyone watching Jess’s video on the final sofa review with Dan. She tells Martha and the cameraman that she fancies Nic, then chats him up, calls him hot, gets rejected and then returns to Martha and tells her she got rejected.

Then back on the sofa she claims to have not chatted him up.

But we just watched it Jess! We just watched it.