The vegetable, not the bone stuff.

Does anyone have tips on how to cook one? Wor Lass’s friend grew it and gave it to us and and neither of us knows what to do with it…


Basically an overgrown courgette, right? You can make chocolate cake with courgette in it. Or make halloumi fritters.



Yeah, I looked at that but nothing really jumped out…


Slice them in half (lengthways), scoop out the middle so that you have two marrow ‘boats’; fill with spiced lamb mince (or chilli con carne) and bake in the oven. Ruddy lovely.


This was the fritter recipe via aggpass


^this is the only thing you can do with them and it’s nice in spite of the marrow tbh.


not sure if I’ve ever had it. always assumed it would be disgusting and was only grown for those really large vegetable competitions


I’ll let you know on Sunday.


I wasn’t convinced by the idea of the halloumi burgers but that recipe looks good.





So, remove the marrow and just use it as a roasting tin?




Get some caster sugar, gelatine and egg whites and make marshmarrows




is it me you’re looking for


We’re having a home grown marrow tomorrow.

Slice into four inch slices, scope out the innards and stuff with mince, carrots and bits and bobs. Then oven bake.

I can’t remember exactly but I’ll post the recipe tomorrow.



Will you still love it tomarrow?