Martin Clunes parking like a c***




clunesy - do you reckon he’s brexit or no brexit? [poll]

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Bit harsh calling him a cuck, big fan of the ears jibe though.

“Bumped into Martin Clunes today. He is a complete c**k. I was literally lost for words at how uncaring and pathetic he really is. Needs a huge car to carry his massive ego (and ears).”


I find it really annoying when people film their confrontations on their phones.


Especially in portrait mode.


Lost sympathy for the biker when he said ‘it’s the same as a disabled space’


Lost sympathy for the biker when I found out his name is ‘Sam Fran’


It’s weird how most video is probably now watched in portrait mode on phones but it still gets letterboxes into widescreen


it’s always motorbikists isn’t it?





"hello here is a video of me getting irked and swearing at a person, please RT


Yeah exactly. The thought process isn’t ‘I’m really annoyed at this person’ it feels more like ‘I can get a busload of likes on my Instagram for this’.


Looking forward to hearing from the man himself: @MartinClunes


I knew this fella when I was younger I remember he had a birthday party once. He had a DJ, flashing lights and everything

My mum said don’t forget your present “if your going to Sa…”


Good old Clunes, taking it in his stride. There was still space for the motorcyclist to fit and how many times have I seen a motorbike wanker* in a supermarket car space or parked length ways taking maximum space on a road space.
*Opinion valid until I become a motorcyclist


At first I thought you were talking about the person from the pool ball - rectum story


This is a tough one - a supposed adult who can’t drive a car vs a tory who’s scared of carrier bags. I’m feeling really conflicted lately.


Firmly behind Clunes here. Motorcyclists are worse than cyclists in every respect.