Martin Clunes Reviews Your Tunes


Some of you may know me as an actor. I was once Gary in Men Behaving Badly, and more recently portrayed a doctor in a series whose name escapes me right now.

Anyway, I’m also a big fan of music, and understand the struggles of aspiring musicians getting recognition. As such I have decided to start this thread where I welcome people to post links and descriptions to music they have created which I will listen to and provide my feedback on.

I’m open to any genre, but request that you limit your reply to your best track. If I like it, I’ll be sure to check the rest of your back catalogue and tweet about you to my thousands of followers anyway.

Let the tunes begin!


Hi Martin,

First off I must say I’m a big fan of your work. May I be so forward as to suggest you call this section Cluney Tunes?

Please review my bands EP thank you The Curse of Fightmilk - Single by Fightmilk | Spotify

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Hi Martin,

Could you please review my band’s song?

Many thanks.


Hoped this would die off with the old forum tbh.

Hi Scott Chegg,

Thanks for the suggestion on the name, I have filed it with the many others I have had in my special filing cabinet which gets collected by the council every week.

I asked for one track and you gave me an EP. I hate you already. I’ll review the first track which is called admin I’m guessing because when you were uploading it you thought it was the username field. You berk.

This song is so boring even the drummer seemed to fall asleep at the 2 minute mark and fucked up some fills. I’m being generous, it’s probably just because they’re incompetent. I’m sure your singer thinks she has a good voice, but putting that whine so high in the mix is just ridiculous.

This song doesn’t need to exist. It’s advert music but hasn’t even been produced well enough for an advert.


Don’t pretend you’re in this Nu-Metal Gorillaz fronted by Muscle Man from Regular Show, Hans.

Hoped you would die off with the old forum tbh.