Marvel Films - IN ORDER

I have reached the ‘watch all the Marvel Cinematic Universe films in Timeline Order’ stage of the pandemic.

As my entire life is ruled by a stubborn five-month-old baby with sleep-pattern-roulette I will probably be doing this in fairly unpredictable bursts.

Anyhow - chat / comments welcome. I will try to remember to post as I go…


Are you going to include the forgotten about The Incredible Hulk?

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I’d kept up with all of them until the 2nd or third xmen film, and since then its exploded and I’ll never catch up

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CAPTAIN AMERICA: The First Avenger

Have I seen it before? NO

Probably the least ‘Marvel Film’ of the Marvel Films I’ve seen before. Minimal quipping, relatively few superheroes. Minimal destruction to cityscapes. I do quite enjoy the Nazi-Sci-Fi-Schlock genre and this fits pretty nicely into that.

The sheer amount of patriotism on the screen does make me itch though. Captain America would definitely vote for Trump.


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Depends if it is on Disney Plus or not… I’m going with their version of the chronology. I suspect they might edit it out…

I haven’t even watched them once, because the few I’ve watched were so shit.

Enjoy your endeavour!


I’ve seen around a third of them. Lost interest in a serious way after Weekend at Ultron’s, which might be one of the dullest things in the universe, but got sucked into the hype between Infinity War and Endgame so caught up a little bit.

@ma0sm - I think I’ve actually run out of good entertainment during the pandemic. The aforementioned sleep-depriving infant of doom has meant a lot of 2am TV watching sessions. It was either this or back to the start of the Sopranos again. I’m certainly no Marvel superman and am expecting to highly regret my endeavour at certain stages. Something to do though, innit?


Whilst I would not do this myself, I hope you enjoy yourself x

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Can’t decide which is one I actually like. Probably the 3rd Thor film or the Captain America with Robert Redford. Both Spiderman films weren’t terrible. Can’t stand the Iron Man and Guardian of the Galaxy ones.

I feel (based on very little) that this will feel like you’re watching a slight variation of the same film about 20 times. I hope you enjoy it though.

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Yeah, it’s nice to set yourself little challenges like this, I totally get the appeal.

I’m not keen on these films but hope you enjoy it, and get something out of it

I did this during the first lockdown. Enjoyed it tbf. Very few of them are actively bad, and they’re almost all very well cast

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Tried to watch the Waititi Thor because people said it was good and managed 20 minutes. Found it absolutely unbearable.

Quite enjoyed the spider verse film but don’t think that’s technically a marvel film.

Is Logan one of these? That was great. I’ve seen Guardians of the Galaxy and it was horrible, hated every minute of it. Other than that don’t think I’ve seen any of the current ones.

Not seen logan. Also saw guardians of the galaxy. I liked Batista obviously but that was about it iirc

I have been doing this because my housemate loves Marvel and was fuming I’d only seen Guardians of the Galaxy (which I didn’t enjoy at the time, it’s up next and I’m like ngghhhhh can we not, but also i didn’t know any of the world building stuff then) and Black Panther (which I loved).

so far:
Iron Man 1: actually p good, his opulence is awkward in light of austerity tho
Iron Man 2: shit
Thor: mostly shit but the bits where Thor doesn’t understand Earth etiquette is hilarious and I’d have watched an entire movie about that
Captain America: ok i guess? i quite fancy Chris Evans from Knives Out when he’s a total prick and that’s carried into his other roles
Avengers Assemble: I really liked this one and got annoyed I had to wait for a billion films for the next Avengers film
Iron Man 3: super dark at points
Thor 2: shite
Captain America 2: ludicrous and relentless but quite good fun


understated it a bit here. i really fancy Chris Evans in Knives Out. him wearing a chunky knit jumper and being mean to me is almost too hot to think about


Reading through the replies so far and I’m already beginning to regret this. Will still probably be less shit than watching all the Star Wars films in order though, which was the other option. Think I would have noped out at the first sighting of Jar Jar.

Or every season of the Simpsons… which would have involved some wonderful TV followed by 20 straight seasons of misery.

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Wouldn’t let the replies put you off, they’re just something that brings up pretty tedious sneering from certain quarters on here.

The majority are well mad and fun movies, and the scope of the world building is pretty much unique in cinema.