Marvel Films - IN ORDER

Ah yeah I wasn’t sure which way round those two came and remembered you’d seen BP anyway.

we did them the other way round when we did our rewatch as ragnaroks post credits scene leads straight into the start of infinity war

Ah right, fair. (Can’t even remember what it is right now. Will give it a watch on D+ tomorrow.)

Very simple binary poll. No room for grey areas:

  • Wandavision is good
  • Wandavision is bad

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i cant help but admire the fact that infinity war is one of the most successful films of all time and has very little in the way of exposition. its just like, you need to have watched a lot of other films to really follow this, lets crack on. but its really well done, each of the storylines and characters has plenty of space and its easy to follow despite there being a thousand different characters (and providing you know the back story). its a really impressive achievement


Yeah it’s definitely a lot better paced and set out than Endgame. It’s just a shame I hate the ending so much. It made it feel like I wasted my time watching it.

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Black Panther rewatch done - it really does stand alone from the rest and is so beautifully shot, it’s amazing that those themes were on such a huge platform. Great job. Plus how many times do you see Hotep ideology in mainstream media?

Housemate moving out today so might be a lil bit of a wait to watch Infinity War (currently torn between me needing to bubble with family for sanity/gerbil reasons but my now housemate wanting to bubble with me when she moves :grimacing: might just do it with both, fuck it, my housemate got vaccinated 2 months ago and she never goes anywhere plus I’m not planning to pop in and out multiple times a week or anything) but I am excited as even I was peripherally aware of Infinity War and Endgame in my ‘wait there’s a whole Marvel universe?’ ignorance.


(after MCU I am taking the reins and introducing her to Wallace and Gromit, Scott Pilgrim and Clueless. Having seen the hype around Wandavision I would quite like to see it despite something about Vision really putting me on edge)


Canon order is Pilgrim, Wallace, Clueless, Wrong Trousers, then both legally blondes because they’re just one movie split into two parts


The BEST comic book movie adaptation of all time :+1:


nothing in the MCU stands up to the 1-2-3 of a grand day out - wrong trousers - close shave :boom: :boom: :boom:


i kind of love the ending but i get that

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I liked that they’re doing something different… but overall its just not landing for me tbh :man_shrugging:

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If you have Mubi, then Beyond Clueless is up on there at the moment, too.

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no offence but close shave is terrible

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If agent Carter is still accessible, and you haven’t watched it yet, I’d recommend that. It’s got a great Saturday morning serial feel and is the best if all the the Marvel TV shows for me.

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im afraid i do take offence at this


Wanna watch Ant Man again. That bit with Plainsong, and the bit with Thomas the tank engine, the good shit.


Season 1 of Agent Cater is great. I thought 2 was terrible :confused: Love triangles should be banned forever at this point.

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strong agree. massive quality drop in plot s2

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