Marvel Films - IN ORDER

It is a 2.5 year timespan though. Obviously it’s compressed by Covid.

That person would be me. I don’t feel that going to see 3/4 Marvel films a year is that much effort.

Yeah I guess it’s more shocking to me as someone whose cinema is plonked on an industrial estate, is reliant on public transport to get there (which stops fairly early in the evening) and as a result maybe sees 2-3 films a year at the cinema.

TBF, I probably only see 2-3 films a year at the cinema, and they’re usually Marvel guff. I’m not exactly the cinema’s saviour :joy: :joy: :joy:


Isn’t it weird how cinemas are one thing that’s cheaper in cities? In Manchester the two big multiplexes were £5 a film, and with a meerkat code that’s £5 for two people. Cheaper than 1 (one) pint of beer afterwards or the bus home. Then if you ever have to go to the cinema out in the provinces it’s like £15 a head, what’s the reason?


It’s about £17 in London. Over £22 for IMAX.

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Vue cinemas are pretty much all £6 in London

Is this since they reopened? Cause the one near me was not £6. :open_mouth:

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I haven’t been to the cinema since March 2020.

I think a couple of the central london ones are still over £10, but I wouldn’t go to a central london Vue unless it was at LFF or something.

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Wow. Wandsworth does not have that offer.

Is that the Cineworld though?

It might be worth hopping over the river to Fulham when things reopen

Ah! You might be right. Nice

Maybe here because it’s a captive audience in an affluent area? you only really get chain cinemas, independents (round here anyway) have gone bust or show like 2 films a week months after release. because of its location you can’t just pop in for a film or two on a whim as easily, you have to make more of an effort to get there, and the set-up is car-heavy and geared more towards a half-day out - see a film and then go to Frankie and Benny’s and/or Bowlplex. It’s more about the experience of a day out than catering to film fans I guess

It’s a real shame, Falmouth had a great independent cinema and I’d love something like that in one of the many empty shops in town. Sadly the previous cinema in the town centre was empty from like 2001, pulled down maybe a decade ago, and has arguably been more of an eyesore as an empty lot right in the middle of town since then with a load of fancy hoardings all around it. They nearly signed off on a community centre there but the local ramblers association kicked off because it would have impeded on a path of theirs and it fell through. Dickheads.

I was following this rough guide before covid, but things have probably changed;

Monday - Barbican (£6)
Monday - Genesis (£5)
Monday - Picturehouse (£6)
Monday - Castle (£5)
Monday - Vue (£5)
Monday - Lexi (£7)
Monday - Richmix (£6) / (2 for £10)
Tuesday - Kino Bermondsey (£6.25) / (2 for 1)
Tuesday - Empire (£4.25)
Tuesday - Genesis (£5)
Wednesday - Genesis (£5)
24/7 - Peckhamplex (£5)

Basically there are options for £5 a ticket any night of the week.

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