Marvel Films Thread (Cap Marvel & Ant-Man 2 spoilers)


On the last ep now! Seems like an unusual twist is in store…



Oh damn there was a napkin! Thought that was a miscorrection of Kingpin, and spent the episode wondering when Vanessa was gonna do Fisk in and take over

Still ace, best Marvel Netflix show by miles. Nice mention of ‘man without fear’ there at the end :+1:


Watched the first few eps all morning while my parents were out, and my parents came in right during the middle of the prison fight scene FFS! :joy:


Finished DD S3 the other day and it was terrific throughout! The arcs, the fights and the direction were top notch. Agent Nadeem and Pointdexter were great additions to the cast too. Easily joint favourite of the Marvel Netflix shows, up there with JJ S1 for sure.


I kind of gave up on all of them after the first series of Luke Cage, can I pick things up again at DD3 easily or is there a lot happened since then in the others that would make it incomprehensible?


Yeah there’s almost no mention of the other heroes and thankfully all the Hand shit from the earlier series has finished, so this is pretty easily to follow.

Am about halfway through. So so good, just on a complete other level to the rest and I promise I’m not just saying that cos I love Charlie Cox’s face


You see the bottom half much more than the top though


So, given all the DDS3 love in here, I’m wondering - if I’ve not watched the second series and thought the first was woefully shit, is there any chance I’d like it?


Grand, thanks very much! I’ll give it a try, can’t actually recall where all the Hand stuff got to in DD2 so should be right


probably not really, it’s more of the same but now he hangs out with nuns not nurses (I love it)


Fair enough. :frowning:


can’t see any decent news souces but Stan Lee might have died


Stan Lee just handing out the burns


Likely to be Morbius and Venom 2 it says in the article


Sim up to daredevil s3e10 and fucking hell it really is the best series of the lot isnt it. that karen episode was rough, man :sob:


I’m up to the same place, arrrrrgggghh I can’t wait to see the rest.

After that one I felt completely desolate.


karen breaks my heart :broken_heart:


Daredevil has been cancelled (and there’s more on Luke Cage in there)

Howeverrrrrr, from Netflix’s statement

While the series on Netflix has ended, the three existing seasons will remain on the service for years to come, while the Daredevil character will live on in future projects for Marvel.

Which is probably the first actual sign Disney are planning something themselves


Yeah that with the Iron Fist will live on comment does make it seem Marvel have other plans. Hopefully keeping the actors and just continuing the stories on their TV platform otherwise it would create a strange unconnected netflix/marvel bubble universe.


It’s always been its own little bubble though hasn’t it. Apart from the bit in JJ S1 with the folks who hate superheroes, there’s nothing to say any of these take place in the MCU really.