Marvel Films Thread (Cap Marvel & Ant-Man 2 spoilers)








Oh god, imagine how long the playthrough would be to get out all 5 million of Strange’s timeline alternatives.


Watched through the first series of Runaways in the last couple of weeks. It’s good fun, a bit like the OC with superpowers and a dinosaur.



this looks good, obvs, but its a bit weird to release the trailer before avengers 4 right? coz we know he survives avengers 4, coz the film exists, but at least the name far from home doesnt suggest too much. like he could still be stuck in space or whatever, but nah hes just going to stinking london


And Venice! Maybe it’ll go all Don’t Look Now


looks like Nick Fury’s got over that whole turning into ash thing as well



Like seeing Zodiac MF on Twitter - he was previously an AV Club commenter who made it big (in forum terms). He always wrote like this


I approve of this poster


Love Zodiac, been following him on Twitter for ages, he’s based in Detroit so used to tweet a lot about the Lions (he’s seen renounced his fandom), he’s definitely softened over time (think he got a girlfriend) but his “slursdays” when he got drunk, posted his number and answered random questions were always hysterical.


Forgot what a spectacularly bad actress Amber Rose Revah is.


do i talk about the punisher here or in the netflix thread?

billy’s face is extremely disappointing. supposed to be horrifically disfigured but he just looks like he’s fallen into a hedge.


Agreed on the blurry bit (going to watch the final episode tonight)


i got through 9 episodes while on a plane yesterday :see_no_evil:


I really like her!