Marvel Films Thread (NO ENDGAME SPOILERS)


Really enjoying people pulling apart this teaser for clues

Antman at the gate footage clearly says “archive” and what looks like “1983” in the top left corner

It’s going to be a long five months



trailer got me all fired up so had to rewatch infinity war again tonight. so good. really regret not sticking it to the film nerds by making it my top pick in the jook list



Premiering on Now TV on Christmas Day


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Edge Of The Spider-Verse is completely wonderful! And sets up a proper universe Sony can milk loads of films out of, so they can do everybody a favour and abandon those silly villain films.

I’m going to go and see it a second time :grin:.

This has been a really wonderful year to be a Spider-Man fan, with this film, the PS4 game, Nick Spencer taking over Amazing Spider-Man, Chip Zdarsky finishing off Spectacular Spider-Man which will go down in history as one of the best Spidey comic runs, Bendis bowing out of Miles with some of his best work, Saladin Ahmed taking over on Miles, and we got a really good Peter Parker in the MCU films. Halcyon days are these, just a shame it’s the same year Stan and Steve went to the great bullpen in the sky.



Intriguing. I like Chip. Tell me more?

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Enjoying Spencer’s ASM for sure. And the PS4 game might be my favourite Spidey story I’ve seen on screen. Looking forward to seeing Spider-Verse this week :slight_smile:

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Watched Ragnarok again today - such a perfect Sunday afternoon film - easily in my top 5 Marvel.



It’s not doing anything fancy, just a really solid chunk of Spider-Man stories that feel effortless and classic. Chip just got a real handle on Peter and his life in a way that has a timeless quality. To me it read like the sort of thing where if somebody who’s never read a Spider-Man comic wanted to pick up the most distilled and appealing version of the character they recognise from all the other media. Delivers a whole gamut of emotions across the run, all of it is clever and funny and warm. Hits every note exactly right, and then weaves bits of Zdarsky weirdness in really effectively. I slept on it when it was coming out, but I picked up a bundle of all but 5 issues at a convention and went through them all in a weekend, read great all in one go, but every issue was satisfying, if I’d been reading it monthly I’d be feeling like I’d got my money’s worth every time.




Yeah Spider-Verse is an absolute joy. Best looking animated film I’ve ever seen and full of charm.

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(18th January)



Cancelled January 22nd



I was going to make a gag about it being the final season but a gazillion people are making it anyway

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Hahahaha :sob:



I got half way through the first episode of Punisher and it featured him getting upset because big bullies trod on his sandwiches at work, and then he went to his army vet support group and this rightwing nutjob was going on a big Trump style rant and then one guy was like “Ha ha ha, oh Jim, you’re entitled to your views because we don’t want to alienate a marketable demographic”. Then I switched it off because what the fuck is that. Punisher supposed to be going HAM on random mooks, not getting all angsty like Troy does early on in the third act of every High School Musical film.



interesting that you gave up on Punisher (rather prematurely imo) but presumably sat through every HSM film in full



“Sat through”? Sat, stood and danced, sang, laughed cried, the full gamut, many many times at that. And not only every film, went to see the live show ON ICE. Don’t @ me.



The first episode is pretty poor. It’s a shame - a few people I recommended it to said the same thing as you.





that’s a shame - I can kind of understand your reaction, but it gets so good.

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