Marvel Films Thread (NO ENDGAME SPOILERS)


Dream day (minus the airplane)!

What do you (and others?) think of the second season anyway? I like it, but I loved the first one.

Keep waiting for that Tom Waits song to come on as well…


yeah probably agree with this. billy’s shit, the pilgrim is okay, amy (?) is annoying, needs more PUNISHING (obvsly) bernthal is great. the story makes no sense at all but whatever.

liking it not loving it


Think it’s something about her trying to do an american accent and it’s so clearly fake - reminds me of nicholas hoult in x-men, find it impossible to not notice that she’s ‘acting’

On the flip side I really like Amy and have been really enjoying her interactions with Frank (after 6eps)


Awww I thought it was just her little overbite/slight lisp which I thought was really cute

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Me and my wife are only 2 episodes in and we’re liking it. We both loved the first one.

So far this seems to be lacking the grime that I like in a Punisher tale - I think it’s probably the location. I like him in New York or a bleak, remote, foreign destination. Comics where he’s in places like Miami never really work for me - seems too incongruous.

Bernthal is still perfect for the role.

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should have left her for dead in ep1

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Yeah, not very good. Although I do dig the fact that there are so many British actors in these series.




oh yeah, we wouldn’t have this without her!



I haven’t read any of the comics, so first season Netflix was my introduction to the whole Punisher saga. Definitely liked how dark and bleak and grim it was, as you say. Stick with this one for sure though :slight_smile:

Absolutely spot on with Bernthal though, love watching him go full Army Boy

@badmanreturns and @japes — Amy has really grown on me tbf.


absolutely perfect casting. i think i hate him in everything else he’s been in - he’s always playing complete bastards (really well)


Show Me A Hero!


couple of episodes of Punisher S2 left - gotta say, it’s not bad or anything, but it really hasn’t been gripping me the same as the first series, at all. guess it won’t matter when it’s promptly cancelled in the next few weeks anyway :frowning:


I started watching Dr Strange last night

Found it really boring so I stopped watching it


Yeah this is fair. I actually think the opening 20-30 minutes is by far the most tedious bit. Once it gets going the effects and style give it something different but if you’ve already seen Infinity War then I’m not sure how much oomph it will have left.


New posting thread for me, as having pretty much binned off Marvel films after the first Avengers I’ve just binged on the recent ones over the past couple of weeks. Have watched:

Avengers: Age Of Ultron
Captain America: Civil War
Doctor Strange
Spider-Man: Homecoming
Thor: Ragnarok
Black Panther
Avengers: Infinity War

Note: I did not actually watch them all in chronological order, but did know enough to leave Infinity War until last.

Thoughts? The more standalone character ones are way better - so Ragnarok, Black Panther, Doctor Strange and Homecoming were all good. Age Of Ultron was a bit rubbish, and reminded me of why I originally stopped watching after the first Avengers - too many big battle sequences, not enough character development, rubbish bad guy. Civil War suffered from this too - felt much more like an Avengers film than a Cap American one. That said, I did enjoy Infinity War - had enough strands going on to keep it interesting and still managed to pull it all together at the end (plus decent bad guy).

My favourites were definitely Homecoming and Ragnarok though. After dicking around with rebooting Spider-Man endlessly, they seem to have finally got it right - down to earth, wise cracking, teenage pop culture references all there. Plus, enjoyed Michael Keaton as The Vulture. One of my fave bits was definitely the closing credits with the campy cartoons and Ramones soundtracking. Wonder if they wanted to use this but couldn’t get the rights?

Ragnarok was maybe the most surprising. It is campy as hell and owes a significant debt to Flash Gordon (which I love). Also has great soundtracking by yer man from Devo. Could probably watch this one with the whole family :+1:

Am probably going to go back and watch a few more I’ve missed - which are the best ones?



The first Guardians of the Galaxy is probably the only real decent one you’re missing, assuming you saw the first Captain America / Iron Man before the first Avengers. Iron Man 3 is alright too

Oh, Ant Man is entertaining too.

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guardians and winter soldier are both top tier marvel, antman is good fun too


Oh yeah forgot Winter Soldier.


The new Spideyverse film is probably the best of all the current wave of superhero films to have been made, imho.

It might still be out in the cinema near you, but if not, it should be available to stream/download fairly soon.