Marvel Films Thread (NO ENDGAME SPOILERS)


such a shit film


Thanks for the tips all. I have actually had Guardians Of The Galaxy and Ant Man on in the background at home in the past, but neither of then particularly grabbed me.

Almost went to see Spiderverse last month when I was away with work, but opted for Shoplifters instead - might work well as a double bill?

Might check out Iron Man 3 and Winter Soldier however - that said, is Iron Man 3 better than Iron Man 2 (which I thought was rubbish) and Winter Solider better than Civil War (as noted ^above, not great)?

Also, Robert Downey Jnr gets a lot of work in these doesn’t he…


Iron Man 3 is loads better than 2, which you rightly say is crap

Winter Soldier is genuinely decent - has a kind of cold war thriller vibe

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finished this btw

was okay but think it suffered from the usual netflix problem of being too long / spread too thin. why can’t they make 6-8 great episodes rather than 13 with a bunch of filler? :man_shrugging:

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guardians > civil war > ant man > winter soldier > iron man 3 > iron man 2

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Is Winter Soldier the only film where Robert Redford plays a bad guy?


Indecent Proposal (can’t remember how BAD he’s presented as being, but he’s deff a sleaze)


dr strange > black panther




Indecent Proposal? He’s kind of a baddie in that.

Also, Tell Them Willie Boy Is Here, but that’s from the 60s, before he was a star.


no way jose!


both really boring but dr strange has inception buildings

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Doctor Strange is OK - gains points for an ending where the protagonist just annoys the bad guy into submission but loses points for having Michael Stuhlbarg in about two scenes for no purpose whatsoever


thats one of the reasons its shit pal


Agree Black Panther is really overrated as a film (though very important in terms of its impact and reception)


Iron Man 2 is, with Thor 2, the worst of the Marvel films. IM3 isn’t amazing, but it’s very watchable.

Winter Soldier is better than Civil War imo because like you say, that felt like a watered down Avengers, WS is more tightly made and atmospheric.

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Yeah, it’s really good. Took my son to see it and I think the story was far too complicated for him, but the visuals kept him locked in for the whole thing. Beautifully done.

As I mentioned in the Hip Hop thread though, he has now started developing a bit of an interest in graffiti. Blew my mind before Xmas when we drove past Clapham Common and he pointed to a piece on the Rotunda and said “Miles Morales does that”. :grimacing:


Got to episode 7 and had to give up. Just too boring.


IM2 and 3 are the only Marvel films I haven’t seen - generally hate Stark as a character - but I might watch 3 if I can just completely skip 2?


sounds like you’re only watching them to have watched them all?

doubt you’ll enjoy 3 but if you’re going to watch it you might as well do them both