Marvel Films Thread (NO ENDGAME SPOILERS)


Skip 2.

IIRC Tony thinks he’s gonna die. Drinks loads. Finds out his dad hid something in a model village that helps him not die. There’s a bad guy.

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Just something to do innit

But yeah I have a really annoying ‘completist’ part of my brain

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YouTube version here

Ant-man and Rhodes, together at last

Captain Marvel one as well


Very honest quote from the studio there.

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Enjoying the sparse non-revealing marketing for this so far. They’re going to spoil it all with a big bombastic theatrical trailer a few weeks out though, aren’t they

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Hope the last trailer is just three minutes of Thanos running his farm.


Or it’s just a clip of God playing Animal Crossing with Thanos as his main character.

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just watched punisher s2e12 and ive got to say medani’s fight at the end was the worst directed load of shit ive ever seen. their punches were about two feet from landing, and when she throws whatsername, russos gf, out the window you could practically see the wires. like, fucking come onnnn

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You can’t improve on perfection :unamused:

I actually re-watched this a few years back - it is shockingly poor…

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I just like IM3 for the scene where Tony goes on a trolley-dash round a DIY store and you think he’s going to make another Iron Man suit, but instead he just makes a big electric gardening glove


I was going to say that its on Netflix UK but now it isn’t, despite only being added in August?!

I’ve never seen it, gutted

There was a fun Howard/Squirrel Girlcrossover in the comics a few years ago. Think the Chip Zdarsky stuff is meant to be good??

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finished punisher last night. was hoping to understand what was going on by the end of it but nope. i must have missed the bit where they explained who the vicar guy was and why he wanted to kill everyone and what all that at the end was about. good fun tho. whens it due to be cancelled?


Finally just started watching The Punisher. Was wondering why I got really irked whenever Microchip was on screen then the penny dropped and I realised it was only bloody Desi from Girls :expressionless:

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That’s that then

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we all knew it was coming but it doesnt make it any less of a shame. daredevil s3 was prob the best season of daredevil and punisher s2 was as good as s1

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