Marvel Films Thread (No Far from Home spoilers)

Just get him to play grim-faced thugs like in Mission Impossible and he’s fine


I maintain he was the perfect casting for The Man from UNCLE. The film was bad anyway and a charisma vacumn suited the role.


Feel a bit sorry for Channing Tatum, he spent a decade trying to get that off the ground, finally seemed to be getting somewhere, and then the Disney deal happened.

They could always go back to him for the role. It’s kinda shocking he’s not got into the MCU yet. He fits the charisma/comedy combo that they go for.


he’d make a great troy tempest tbf

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have already decided Dr Doom should be played by Charles Dance. Best voice for it.

And that they should really piss off the gamergate crowd with a black FF family.

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They went there partially with Michael B Jordan in the last Fantastic 4 film, but of course the film was such a disaster it got overshadowed anyway

That film was a nice idea but definitely one for the Doesn’t Exist pile


yeah exactly. if marvel are going to put their money where their mouth is in terms of diversity, they need to be able to confidently be able to say ‘maybe the FF concept is a liiiiiiittle bit whiter than white and we can do better’

i’d be okay with Jim from the office being Reed tbf, only because he’d fit so well, but cast POC in the other roles and lead the charge with a family that’s not just rich and white. There’s a lot of getting away from that still to be done - the shot in endgame where the women are all together was a proper reminder how predominately white the cast is tbh

ideally Kumala will be front and centre of the new block, but Miss America would be hype.

Morales can’t happen I guess, but Spider-Girl is latin-american… Bring Brother Voodoo into the Strange films maybe, albeit with writers making sure the Houngan aspect is faithful/removed of stereotype.

Funny you should mention that film. It’s on CBC right now and I’m struggling to keep paying attention. It’s also rated PEGI 0+, which seems a bit odd.

FF needs a lot of love. an incredible amount. it’s got a lot of potential if you can get it right. you need the kids to be of an age where they can also play a factor in the family dynamic from the off, too. they could absolutely clean up if they get it right as it’s a nailed on family-film intro to marvel

Quite possibly the worst film I have ever seen. I remember seeing Terminator Genisys the same summer and thinking ‘nothing will be worse than this in 2015’. How wrong I was.

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Someone mentioned that cavill might be up for Captain Britain which would make more sense.

Can’t believe Marvel are actually gonna do that character but he’s been namedropped twice already :cold_sweat:

Kevin Feige is doing a surprise AMAA (the extra A is for BYO- er “almost”) on /r/marvelstudios, you can post questions now and answers will start appearing at 5pm PT (which I think is about six hours from now?)

There are obviously hundreds of questions already :smiley:

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Also missed this, but Hulu have ordered two new Marvel shows, a Ghost Rider (with the same one from Agents of SHIELD), and something else I dunno

(14th June)

hope it’s better than the last season. really hope all these shows (well, Daredevil and Punisher at least) are continued on Disney+

i liked that film don’t @ me