Marvel Films Thread (No Far from Home spoilers)

Eh, people may feel like that now but it won’t last.


I’m looking forward to it, they’ve cleared the decks of the boring characters


Far From Home is supposedly actually the last Phase 3 film according to yer man Feige!

I think I am as hyped for them as I ever was, which means I am not massively bothered whether I see them in the cinema or later at home mainly. As it stands I’d go to the cinema to see Black Panther 2 and Captain Marvel 2. Not sure about any others that are listed. The confirmed presence of Thor in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3 makes me more inclined to see that and I’d probably go and see another Thor film if Waitiki (sp?) was directing it. But even then I’d likely enjoy it as much from my own sofa. The prospect of paying for or arranging a babysitter just to see a film is a bit…dunno.

That said my daughter just made it through The Last Jedi so I guess we’re reaching the point where we show her GotG 1 and 2 and Black Panther and then we get to take her…

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Woah, F is old enough?* I Dont think J would be ready for Star Wars for years yet tbh.

*I’m not judging you understand, parents know their kids, I’m just amazed and feel a movie like that is waaaay away

This’ll be a bit TL;DR for the non-parents, sorry.

She’s been getting pretty good at longer and non-animated films. I think The Incredibles and Incredibles 2 helped, and we took her to see Bumblebee and that went down well.

I actually showed her Star Wars aged about 3ish on the principle I’d been about that age when I saw it and it is a U (all three of the originals are). It took 3 or four sittings though so I left it at that.

Then we really wanted to watch The Force Awakens again a month of so back, and her mate at school had seen it and sat through TLJ in the cinema so we watched it with her. And he got a bit restless but did it. (And the next night she wanted to watch the one with Princess Leia in (!) so we watched original Star Wars once more.)

Anyway, it was movie night at the weekend and when we said Star Wars she said she wanted another one with Rey in so that decided it.

What I will say is, much like my mate’s son of a similar age, she seemed to really enjoy TLJ a lot more than TFA. In my head it should be the other way about but there you go. I think it’s definitely good for kids. I mean she was starting to flag a bit when they arrived on the base at the end but then those Crystal Foxes are there and she thought they were cute so that dragged her back.

There are obviously questions it raised for her. e.g. I had to explain to her why Leia was grumpy with Poe at the beginning but she soon understood that he was a good guy, who did a bad thing, but the good guys would still be doing a good thing.

FYI, live action films I’ve watched with her that went down well:
The Princess Bride
Detective Pikachu

Films I am considering showing her:
Captain Marvel (bit worried the politics could get complicated but overall Flerkin will swing it?)
Wonder Woman (I think possibly only the bit at the end where Chris Pine sacrifices himself might be too much)
Guardians of the Galaxy (bit sweary mcFuckface IIRC plus Groot dying might be tough on a kid?)


I saw return of the jedi in the cinema in a buggie

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This made me squee a little bit.


Has this been confirmed?

On to Daredevil season 3: Matt reads The God Delusion

Immediately a lot better than Luke Cage

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Might watch this again, just so good


So I was told.

I’m still dragging my way through Iron Fist S1.

ooft, that’s the only one I skipped entirely, looked dreadful

It’s bad. But then I enjoyed Luke Cage S1 a lot so not really sure our tastes on these shows are aligned!

This ^ season along with the first seasons of JJ and The Punisher were the Netflix Marvel shows at their finest.


Cage S1 was fine, especially the first half. The second season just gets worse and worse.

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Ah right okay, I am prepared for it to be a bit iffy due to no S3 like DD and JJ

Know I’m a bit late with this, but finally watched Into The Spiderverse yesterday. Wow! Genuinely like nothing I’ve ever seen before. Good on them for trying something different


Did the Fox X-Men films come up with the stupid and wrong pronunciation of “Xavier” or is that just how the Americans say it?