Marvel Films Thread (Spoilers for Ant Man 3 & GotG 3 please)

Take it that The Eternals doesn’t need to be watched before Spidey?

Amazing Spider-Man was so shit and boring, couldn’t bring myself to watch the second one

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can’t believe how unlikeable andrew garfield is, just a twitching cocky dickhead. horrible


If you liked garfield minus garfield, you’ll love


I didn’t see Eternals and still not convinced it exists really, didn’t impact Spiderman at all afaik.

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So went to see Spiderman: NWH yesterday.
Thought it was fantastic. For a movie that long it really went by quickly.
Like how it picks up immediately from Far From Home.
Thought it did a great job with the entire cast and thlt like everyone had some time to shine and had some real development.

Takes a while to get to the 3 Spideys but when it does - brilliant. The interplay between the 3 of them is great and if nything the differences in the portrayals we’ve had in films worked great together. Think Garfield really benefitted from this as he gets
a good mini redemption arch and I would honestly now be up for a 3rd Garfield Spiderman film set after this film that wraps up any of the dangling plots from his first 2 movies and where he also gets to meet ‘his’ MJ - make it happen Marvel/Sony!
Going to be interesting to see where they go with Spiderman from here on out. The whole ‘its like you never existed’ thing could just as easy be used to remove him from the larger MCU altogether if Disney and Sony have another argument. Pretty gutted for the lad that he gets that on top of Aunt May dying.
Random thoughts:
Matt Murdoch being part of the MCU - yes! Now have him as Daredevil in the movies too.
Want to see it again, Need to see who some of those figures in the sky were as well as that otherwordly guy when they initially do the spell.
Venom - this made no sense to me. Yes in Venom 2 he says they know about the multiverse but if only people who knew who Spiderman was and it was at the pont of their deaths then Tom Hardy Venom was neither so…
Also the Venom scene had me more excited that Danny Rojas is now part of the MCU, just need to work out if this is pre or post Ted Lasso or is it a multiverse version of Danny Rojas - FOOTBALL IS LIFE!
I think they should either do limited event TV series for both Maguire and Garfields Spideys OR a comic run like what DC have dun with Superman 78 and Batman 89.
Would also be up for both rocking up in future Multiverse shenaningans in the MCU cough Sam Raimis Dr Strange movie cough
Wonder if Rhino, Franco Goblin and De Haan Goblin and 70s show Venom were asked.

Yeah thats just some random thoughts and stuff but once a few of you folks see it I will enjoy the chat.
Went to see it in the new IMAX cinema here for the ‘ScreenX’ 270 degree view - broke down within 5 minutes so they put us into a diff screen and gave us free tickets to any film in future. So one for the ‘Win’ column I reckon.



(no, eternals leads into some other stuff but not spider-man)

I couldn’t wait - I went to see Spider-Man NWH last night (had trouble getting a ticket in my local cinema, nearly every performance had sold out, a good shot in the arm for the business-side of things of course).

Thoughts (and I’ll use actor name to differentiate between the onscreen Spider-Men, something young Ned wasn’t allowed to do :rofl:):

Spider-Man is my favourite superhero so, although I have to take this iteration as separate from my love of the OG character, I really enjoyed this and feel it is the best of the Spidey stand-alone MCU offerings overall.

The audience reaction at my screening when Garfield and Maguire first appeared was great - big grins all round. The three of them together worked well for the most part although, and it’s just my take on this, Garfield’s version seemed to be written like ‘the runt of the pack’ a little. That being said, Garfield’s redemptive beat in saving MJ during the climatic battle was BRILLIANT - such an obvious thing upon reflection, but it surprised me hugely which I loved.

Seeing Holland absolutely smashing hell out the Green Goblin was refreshing - it’s been said Marvel films tend to dilute into ‘colourful CGI affairs’ during big battles, but this was full-on fisticuffs!

I was happy to see Holland having to rely on his wits and strength rather than an ‘all-singing, all-dancing’ suit for some of the film. The time he spent in a simple red-and-blue outfit wasn’t long enough, but the end of the film suggests this might be the way forward (I sincerely hope it is).

I found the most emotional scene to be the one where Peter went to the bakery at the end and no-one knew him - choked me up a bit I’ll admit.

All the villains were good - I did suspect for a moment that Rhys Ifans wasn’t specifically cast as the Lizard, as they cut away before the antidote had fully taken hold, but he popped up a bit later lol). Molina and Defoe were superb, and it was just great value that those three, and Foxx and Church, all played ball.

Venom splodge = we’ll see him appearing in the MCU sooner rather than later. I was a tad confused because I thought this Eddie Brock/Venom was already in the same universe as the MCU, just located elsewhere, but whatever - I’m here for it.

Didn’t expect to get a full trailer for Dr Strange 2 as the end credit scene - nice to see Wanda teed up again as well. Thought Strange was only OK in this film, some of his one-liners fell a bit flat, but then he was intrinsic to the plot so from that side of things he did well.

I’m sure other thoughts/feelings will burst forth once I read other people’s reviews, and I will go see it again over Xmas, but this one was worth the wait.


I don’t think that this counts as a spoiler, as it’s been on the Marvel press releases now, but I’ve stuck it behind a blur anyway (It’s not a spider-man thing, but is a Dr Strange/Young Avengers thing that you might have caught if you’ve seen No Way Home.

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finished amazing spider-man. pretty shitty. why do people like andrew garfield, he’s really bad? and the lizard is bad, the spidey suit is so ugly, is it made of leather?? and the weird reflective mesh eyes? and the stupid poses he pulls when he’s flying through the air, and the fucking horrible first-person bits, oh my god. and the fact that it’s directed by someone called marc webb, are you fucking kidding me



Not Marvel-related but I still find it funny that Michael Cera’s douchebag character in Molly’s Game is basically meant to be Tobey Maguire

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I would like to watch Spider-Man, but also I don’t wanna get Covid and it feels like I can only have one or the other.

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I’ve just chosen Spider-Man

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It’ll be around for weeks, watch it after Xmas/New Year maybe

I loved that so so so SO much.

I think Garfield saving MJ might be one of the most perfect little grace notes I’ve seen in a film in a really very long time.

I cried an awful lot. Good tears, bad tears and good tears and bad tears. Will be going again tomorrow I think.


Probably the best MCU film and the 3rd or 4th best Spider-Man film


Really enjoyed the new spiderman, I didn’t eat and kept my mask on the whole time so hopefully didn’t catch anything

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