Marvel Films Thread (Spoilers for Ant Man & The Wasp please)

What is it about Brie Larson that gets the chuds backs up so much

(she’s great, obvs)

She’s a feminist. And she’s like the film equivalent of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez or Ash Sarkar, they simultaneously hate her and want to sleep with her, which makes them even angrier


Just saw it, was worried it might be rubbish during the first 20 minutes but the rest of the time I was just like YYYYYEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSS M8

Now want to punch the shit out of everything :muscle:t2::comet:


Starting Luke Cage S2. Forgot how stupid ‘shades’ is


:heart: Shades

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I think it’s OK to like both.
Mid90s is good.

Episode 2 was about 50% shitty montage. Might sack this off tbh.

Endgame tickets on sale today apparently. IMAX website showing times but not allowing you to book just yet. confirmed run time of 182 mins. bring it on!

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BFI IMAX tickets definitely booked.

if anyone manages to get any tickets anywhere can you post in this thread - so far the Vue site is the only one that seems to actually be ‘on sale’ but the website is creaking under the pressure by the looks of it


No it wasn’t :-1:

This work for you?

2 minutes left until i can buy tickets :unamused:

Cineworld have a double bill on Wednesday 23rd, but starting at 8:30pm - so Endgame will be on after 12am and go on until about 3am :grimacing:

But also seeing it a day early :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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I got a ticket for 1pm on Friday 26th at Chatham Odeon. I’ve even upgraded to premium seats for the first time in my life. Gotta have a comfy bum.

I am incredibly excited!

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You got to sleep through it?

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get an error every time i click ‘confirm booking’ at the moment… will keep trying though, thanks!

Cineworld website is doing the same

(Fades to dust)

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