Marvel Films Thread (Spoilers for Wakanda Forever please)

Nice although, given Nebula and Rocket are there, it feels a bit small fry to talk about protecting/avenging the Earth when Thanos thwacked the entire universe, no?

Having now seen Captain Marvel and Ant-Man 2 I have updated my ranking image


Yeah with the exception of Silvestri’s Avengers theme thing which is almost just a quick motif, Marvel have really fucked up with this.

I actually lay the blame firmly at them putting the credits at the end (possibly the video says this). The credits are often really cool too. I’d probably say all the movies would be better with all the credits moved to the start and then I’d put a short black screen before each of those ‘mid-credits’ teasers.

Paul Rudd does a great Paul Rudd at the end of this :smile:

Fully agree with this, pending the following amends:

  • Swap Thor:Raggers with Black Panther
  • Swap Spider-Man Homecoming with Ant-Man & The Wasp
  • Swap Ant-Man and Captain America: TFA
  • Move Civil War to pure middle
  • Swap Iron Man 3 with GoTG 2
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Started doing Kung fu haven’t I, at one point I made the trainer stumble and he jokingly went “ooh we got a superhero in training here!” :sunglasses:


Mate just write your own frickin diagram : D


Right, The Avengers theme is the most memorable, but I try to recall it myself randomly (like right now) I can’t for the life of me. I’m sure the lack of credits hurts, that’s a good point. Some of the most memorable themes happen during the opening credits where there’s plenty of space to focus on them.

Star Wars is the most obvious example, but I can even remember some of the opening of The Shining, which is just kind of an ominous trombone bit. Hell, I don’t think I’ve seen an episode of the old X-Men cartoon for 15 years but I can recall that one instantly (though TV benefits from the repetition).

In the NEW Spiderman far from home there is an orchestra version of the old animation spiderman theme song. Pretty good.

Stolen mind. SPIDER-MAN: FAR FROM HOME - Official Teaser Trailer - YouTube

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Yeah! I think that’s smart. It’s kind of cheesy and fun but they make it more grand and suits what Marvel’s been doing.

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I like the music in Winter Soldier whenever the Winter Soldier shows up. They should do more like that.

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Michael Giacchino put that in Homeland too, it’s right at the start.

@kris do feel like Toprak’s Captain Marvel is the first one that’s really doing a good job, but again she’s hampered by having no opening sequence to really hang her theme off. If you check the first track on the album though you’ll see what I mean I think. It’s an opening theme that has no credits to go with.

Black Panther has a great inventive score but aside from Kilmonger’s bit it doesn’t stick particularly.

I like the winter soldier soundtrack.

I’ll try to dig it out on Spotify.

The issues raised in the video are still true for do much of this stuff though. They can be good to listen to but they don’t seem to hook in like say Zimmer’s Batman trilogy do.

And what’s weirder is Silvestri, Elfman etc have all written really memorable stuff of their own before…

:rotating_light: FAO of all :rotating_light:

:arrow_down: Endgame spoilers go here :arrow_down:


5 stars in Empire, 5 stars in Graun. AV Club sniffy but they usually are.

Quite exciting!

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Happy Endgame!


Just did a little search on Twitter to see if we need to wait around for mid / end credits scenes tonight and got something(s) semi spoiled. Smh.

Just assume you do TBH.

Also assume it will be disappointing and/or meaningless if you’re not a Marvel comics reader.