Marvel Films Thread (Spoilers for Wakanda Forever please)

Michael Giacchino put that in Homeland too, it’s right at the start.

@kris do feel like Toprak’s Captain Marvel is the first one that’s really doing a good job, but again she’s hampered by having no opening sequence to really hang her theme off. If you check the first track on the album though you’ll see what I mean I think. It’s an opening theme that has no credits to go with.

Black Panther has a great inventive score but aside from Kilmonger’s bit it doesn’t stick particularly.

I like the winter soldier soundtrack.

I’ll try to dig it out on Spotify.

The issues raised in the video are still true for do much of this stuff though. They can be good to listen to but they don’t seem to hook in like say Zimmer’s Batman trilogy do.

And what’s weirder is Silvestri, Elfman etc have all written really memorable stuff of their own before…

:rotating_light: FAO of all :rotating_light:

:arrow_down: Endgame spoilers go here :arrow_down:


5 stars in Empire, 5 stars in Graun. AV Club sniffy but they usually are.

Quite exciting!

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Happy Endgame!


Just did a little search on Twitter to see if we need to wait around for mid / end credits scenes tonight and got something(s) semi spoiled. Smh.

Just assume you do TBH.

Also assume it will be disappointing and/or meaningless if you’re not a Marvel comics reader.

Sadly I needed to know as we have to leave pronto - those extra 15 mins saved could be vital.

Ah, not sure the credits will be quite that long, about 8 mins normally I think.

But they’re usually on YouTube not long after. I watched the IW one there.

My mate who saw it last night says no

4.5 hours.

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Get the RunPee app, it should tell you this without spoiling anything (as well as how long the credits run for and optimum pee times during the film)

Going to have to pull a sickie for this I think.

7.5 hours to go. too excited.

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Just remembered James Gunn took the raccoon they modelled Rocket on to the GotG premiere


Would anyone like a spoiler blurred list of films I think would be worth watching in advance of Endgame?

How necessary is it to see/read up about Captain Marvel and Ant Man 2 before seeing Endgame?

id say watch the post-credits scene from ant man and the wasp, and id say watch captain marvel if you can coz it’s dead good fun, but all you really need to know is shes hard as nails