Marvel Films Thread (Spoilers for whatever the latest thing is please)

Rolling thread for general MCU discussion like on the old board.

So Dr Strange is out next week, could be another surprise success like Ant-Man/GotG taking a lesser known character and doing something a bit different to other Marvel films with mystical elements, other dimensions and inception style city folding.

Guardians of the Galaxy 2 teaser released yesterday. Looks very similar in style to the first which is no surprise as it was a massive hit for Marvel.

That’s out next year along with Spider-Man: Homecoming and Thor: Ragnarok which is directed by Taika Waititi of Hunt for the Wilderpeople fame with it allegedgly going for a more fun 80’s feel. A buddy comedy with Thor and Hulk perhaps?

I fucking hate Marvel films



I so nearly said I bet the first comment is from someone saying they hate superhero films. Don’t be cynical Nick I said, this is the new boards of positivity where people don’t criticise thing they don’t like… But oh no… :wink:


Was too much to resist just seeing it sitting there with zero replies

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Had no idea Dr Strange was out so soon. Feels like there’s been quite little in the way of marketing? Have I just missed it?

It’d be great if Doctor Strange is as good as Ant-Man or GotG although wasn’t sure what to make of the trailer. Didn’t really like Civil War that much and feel asleep through Age of Ultron.

Struggling to get excited about Dr Strange; don’t really care for wizards and magic and shit.

I’m looking forward to the new Spider-Man and Thor films. Thor is probably the Marvel character I’ve read the most comics of. I really enjoyed the first one, but the second Thor film was really quite shit.

One thing I did like about Civil War was that they introduced Spiderman so fingers crossed that’ll mean that Homecoming won’t be an origins story…

Pretty sure they’ve openly said it won’t be an origin story, but I bet they still chuck in some flashbacks or massive exposition - they can’t help themselves.


Yeah, Civil War and Ultron were both pretty boring. Soured me on seeing more Marvel films for the forseeable really, though GOTG2 will doubtless be fun, and I’m very intrigued by what the next Thor will be like.

Blah! I certainly hope not but you’re right they probably will. Sigh

Yeah don’t think there’s been as much as for the big names like Avengers or Cap, seen trailers/posters at the cinema but that about it (not inc nerdy film sites).

Best parts of Civil War were Gi-Ant Man and Spidey though I found the whole Stark flirting with Aunt May thing to be a tad cringey. I should re-watch Ultron as I pretty much feel asleep after the opening battle (Was there any opening battle or maybe I’m just thinking of the slo-mo bit from the sky ads!?)

High hopes definitely for GotG2 though obviously there will be bits were they will be tying it to the Inifinity War.

we need guntrip up in here.

Yep, Age of Ults opens with a raid on a castle/Hydra base

I loved Civil War and thought Ant-Man is great fun so as the last two released I’m pretty positive with the way they’re going. If Spider-Man is as good as the Civil War cameo, GotG 2 continues what it did well and Thor 3 does something good with it’s interesting director/style then I’m optimistic.

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Thought so, cheers for clearing that up! Will try and watch again at the weekend. For clarification, it was tiredness not the film that made me fall asleep.

Guys - this trailer is really effing good:

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It’s just nice that Hugh Jackman, who seems like a dude, has really embraced the role, seems to care about the character, and hopefully this will be a fitting send off. Much like how Deadpool was a better film for Ryan Reynolds really giving a shit.