Marvel Films Thread (Spoilers for whatever the latest thing is please)

Early reviews for Doctor Strange are decent.

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Honestly, MCU fans need to give up on this constant antibants. After 14 box office smash films or whatever, it’ll be a surprise if it isn’t a success.

It’ll be monstrously big. And it’ll be a really safe plot too for that matter.

What is antibants?

Of course it will make money but there’s a different between reviewing well and being a hit with audiences and being profitable. Batman v Superman made money but it’s not exactly a hit.

Dr. Strange isn’t that well known a character or a sequel so it’s definitely a bit of an unknown as to how well it’d do with the wider public outside of nerds like me who’ll go and see it whatever. Same as GotG but that ended up being one of their biggest hits.

Just this continued assumption that if this film does well it’s a surprise. Although I’m not really sure what you’re rating ‘success’ on here. Is it only a success if it makes $1 billion dollars? Comparisons to BvS are completely spurious. That had a huge HUGE advertising budget as well as a huge expectation in terms of returns etc.

But it’s just boring that every time we see one of these new character movies we have this whole “oh the bubble’s going to burst…” negative bollocks from the Marvel fans. I’m not a Marvel fan and I can tell you the well-known nature of the superhero really makes very little difference.

I used the term ‘anti-bants’ because it’s like reading the football thread and seeing all those fans of incredible successful teams stating their team is going to lose every fucking week no matter which team they’re playing.

Mods, shut this down


Oh I don’t think the bubbles going to burst at all, the next Avengers film is prob going to make them a trillion dollars, that wasn’t supposed to be the implication. Just that he’s a lesser known character and I bet when they introduce new characters they keep a close eye on how well they’re received ¯_(ツ)_/¯

I think all the periodic ‘the bubble is going to burst soon’ stuff comes from people who hate these films.


I see it from both sides. With these sorts of films there’s all this fear from Marvel fans that it won’t be successful enough or something. Yeah it probably won’t be as big as Avengers 3 or whatever but I’m sure it’ll be a monster hit by anyone’s standards.

Yeah the bubble really won’t burst. Marvel could put out any old shite and the fanboys would come running. Guy I know on Facebook has evidently never seen a bad film in his life, he comes out of all of these like ‘best film evs!’

Considering they could indeed put out any old shit, I think the MCU films have been pretty good so far (on the whole anyway)

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I dunno man, some have been overlong dull-fests, Thor 2, Iron Man 2, Avengers 2.

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Yeah. those are def some of the weakest (along with Hulk), although avengers 2 has it’s moments but not as good as first one by a long way.

For me Civil War is in that list, mainly the problem there is someone didn’t realise just watching superheroes beat each other up was enough to make a film good.

I mean Thor 2 and IM2 are definitely mainly bad but Avengers 2 and Civil War are just disappointing given their potential.

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I did say on the whole (Iron Man 2 and the Thor films tend to be the least popular I agree), though I loved Age of Ultron a lot more than…er…everyone else really.

Sorry, I’m not even on comicbook


I loved CW. That airport scene was great.

My favs are Cap 1-3, Avengers 1, Iron Man 1, Ant-Man and GotG.

The thing is, even the most ludicrous Stath film also makes it clear where the lines are in those fights. With these superhero ones (and that isn’t limited to Marvel) you have two people fighting where you don’t really understand how the ‘final’ hit is really the one that puts someone down. The powers are too loosely defined.

The Airport scene was odd for me too. It’s meant to be really serious, it’s a fight where people are going to lose friendships forever…and yet there’s Ant-Man and Spider-Man who are joking around, and not in an Arnie in Predator way that comes off, just in a jokez way. It’s a wildly uneven combat and actually it feeds into the entire film. How seriously should we take this?

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I honestly think Civil War was legitimately one of the best Marvel films so far.


Wow, that’s quite odd and interesting obviously.