Marvel Films Thread (Spoilers for whatever the latest thing is please)

Wow The Marvels was a completely incoherent mess I thought. Felt like it was edited to death and I definitely felt I was missing stuff for not having seen some of the shows. Also should have read the synopsis for Captain Marvel beforehand as I don’t remember that film in the slightest.

That said though it is rubbish, it is spunky fun rubbish and Kamala Khan is good and has funny lines. Can definitely wait to watch this on Disney+ if you’re on the fence.


Beast looked genuinely appalling

Thought it was funny how much of the cast of I Hate Suzie was in The Marvels. Daniel Ings was so distracting:


In terms of box office The Marvels is going to make The Flash look like a success at this rate, the second weekend dropoff is brutal.

That’s the thing about Reed Richards!!!

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it doesn’t have yer man 30 seconds to mars in it so of course it doesn’t look as bad

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heh heh, fantastic four eyes

yeah, cuz Reed’s a nyeeerrd :nerd_face:

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I was up and down on Loki 2 but I liked it when it was on it’s Hiddleston/Wilson Quantum Leap thing and it had a very good ending imo. Keeping Benson and Moorehead around was a good idea, they know how to make this stuff not dull to look at. Would also have been very funny if the last we saw of Kang was some dork getting turned to spaghetti

The Marvels though was quite bad, which is a shame. As said though Kamala is a highlight and the flerkens eating all the SABER staff was pretty funny

Also, I’m no movie scheduling super genius, but Loki/Marvels/Spider-Man 2 within the same week was… a lot.

Really enjoyed the Marvels, fun, a bit goofy but just entertaining. Which has been missing from a lot of their films lately.


Whole bunch of speculation and spoilers for Loki season 2 in this:

Push it back, fast track the Young Avengers film please.

Yeah, thought the plot was rubbish but just enjoyed the three of them being together. Very lightweight but more fun than any recent Marvel film

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Just bring in Doom, make Doom the big bad, give Doom all the lines and appearances.



Plus he’s… very central to Secret Wars in the comics.


I wonder if they’d be so corny to sync an MF Doom song if they did do that


Would quite like a Dramatic Remix for the trailer (like Marvels and Intergalactic I think?):

[SHOT: people in the park having fun]
Looks like it’s gonna be a great day today

[SHOT: bank being robbed by masked goons]
He’s in it for the quiche

[SHOT: an H-bomb]
He 'bout to change the price again
It go up each time he blow up like hydrogen

[SHOT: DOOM’s mask]
Who knew the mask had a loose screw?

…all caps when you spell the man name…

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Character gives away something important in a tv interview

Rap snitches builds

Doom kills a character with the info.

Sign me up Feige

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ALSO has such solid history with wakanda, with namor and etc.

Saw yet another Sinister Six rumour on reddit - so they’ve got Kraven, Morbius, Venom and Madame Web already, and Venom 3 is on its way. Reckon V3 will be the setup with the last two of the six, then it’s Morbvengers Morbsemble awoooouuu (wolf howl)

That’s a pretty shit sounding six…surely they won’t get Keaton back for it?