Marvel Films Thread (Spoilers for whatever the latest thing is please)

if Ejiofor’s not called ‘Sgt Mordo’ or something in this its a shame.

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Looks utterly daft. Will watch it when its on streaming.


Yeah but the Venom sample he’s catching was left in the MCU, not the Sony Universe of Bobbins Spider-man Adjacent Content (SUBSAC).

So errrrrr


(I guess true in this case)


I just want Tom Hardy-Venom in a good (probably Avengers) film. Give me sparkly Carol and her war avengers, that’s all I ask!

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Would have him in Secret Wars (if it ever happens)

If there’s not some multiverse bollocks in this it’ll be a huge disappointment tbh.
Why tease the Tom Spidey v Tom Venom and never have it happen.

Jeff Bridges is so good in Iron Man. The entire film feels like it was from a completely movie landscape, so direct and unmoored from what was to come, but quite dated too.

Do absolutely detest Stark though.


just like the first two. Can’t wait to watch it twice in the cinema

Finally watched the most recent Spider-Man (the one with the old Spidermen). Enjoyed it, though a lot of that was based on Defoe and Molina.


I know the strike/pandemic/reshoots caused a bit of a mess, but why are that new Captain America and Thunderbolts coming out within 2 weeks of each other?

They’re not, Captain America is out in February and Thunderbolts is out in May.

Ignore me then. The dates have changes so much I must be a few behind.

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stop stop it’s already dead etc


Wesley Snipes was 36 when he played Blade.
Mahershala Ali is already 50. (and only 11 years younger than Snipes)
If he ever does get to play Blade it wont be for long/many sequels.

Eh, it was never gonna come out next year anyway with reduced output direction.

(Plus rumour is Sony wants a new Spider-man next Christmas anyway, so it would’ve gone back to accommodate that.)

I like the idea there’s an unused Blade Train floating around Disney’s lots somewhere.

Giving an actor that much control is utterly bizarre.