Marvel Films Thread


I don’t really know if it will. You can get around these things by inference if you really need to. I mean I assume Captain America 2 has some two-line throwaway to explain the other Avengers not turning up to help out as the earth is almost destroyed. Or similarly in Thor 2…

I think the idea is there is one more Spider-Man that is linked with Marvel for sure. At a guess I’d imagine part of the deal may be that they can mention the other Marvel characters in the film. It was always to be expected that this intersecting but not joined universe thing might happen.

And I think people just accept it. Agents of SHIELD and the other TV shows on Netflix go along fine even though they’re all ostensibly in the same universe.


There’s no reason why it can’t be the same earth, the same universe where the characters don’t interact with each other or mention other events.

Back in the 70s and 80s, Marvel and DC published cross-overs. There was no multiverse hopping, Metropolis and Gotham co-existed with New York. Just that Superman hadn’t got around to meeting Spider-Man. Simple and nothing to explain from professional writers who drifted into comic-books. From the late 80s onwards, as more and more fans become writers, they bough bough their fan think and fan fiction to the table. Stories that would explain stuff that really didn’t need explaining. That’s what the Marvel and DC universe is like these days.


Fan Think!


:joy:this has done me


Coming Soon: the Simon & Garfunkel Cinematic Universe


Yes, starring Barb from Stranger Things


YES! This ^^^^^^^


Heard the Spidey sequel will focus on him catching said fly.


Black Panther teaser trailer looks ace


Loving the trailer. Very excited. Kind of gutted we’ve got to wait till next year though.


Whooped when I heard RTJ! :smiley: This looks class


Not my own work but :smiley:


Inhumans trailer


casting of maximus is so obscenely good. Fully, fully wonderful.

Was a bit unsure if the plot would get too close to Thor feel because of the obvious Loki/Maximus comparison but they’ve taken this in a much different direction it would appear.


can’t get over how cheap it all looks. Medusa looks terrible


It looks like one of those early-00s sci-fi shows, like StarGate or Andromeda or Farscape.


i thought we were listing negatives?


It is showing it’s tv budget and medusa does look a bit rubs but Agents of Shield is good now so it has potential.


This will make Agents of SHIELD S5 worth it, though. Yet ANOTHER property for AoS to lamely mention in their scripts only for their show to be completely ignored in. :smiley: