Marvel Films Thread


Well every Season in Agents of SHIELD they reference stuff going on in the big Marvel films that come out during their run. But the films naturally never bother to mention anything that’s going on.

The Inhumans have actually been started in AoS so this is sort of a continuation but I feel like Marvel are really embarrassed still exists and it looks like the tone of this is trying to go SERIOUS so while AoS will have to reference the new show I won’t be surprised if there’s zero crossover.


oh shiiii

I could have sworn this was going to be a series at one point? Happy either way tbh.


The problem is that the film and tv arms of marvel are separate (and the tv then being split between netfilx and ABC) so while some AoS episodes can tie into the films slightly they will always lead the way. Partly cos they are the main brand so aren’t going to worry what the tv might be doing and also that the time it’s takes to develop a film the tv shows will have done a couple of series so joining up plots is hard.

That said as Inhumans and Shield are both ABC there’s a stronger chance to them crossing over at some point.


oh wait it is a TV series ignore ^this post.


Yeah it’s a series, the Imax reference is a showing of the first two episodes a bit before it’s broadcast on tv.


Yeah TV but the pilot is being released as an IMAX showing worldwide or something


Yeah I mean it’s clear why the films never really mention AoS but the joinup with S1 was much better. They could do a lot more and they don’t, really.

I mean AoS has 22 episodes a season and a lot of water treading. They should really be using more minor characters from the films in episodes to further background plots that you don’t really need in the films but is there.


Yeah there was more in S1. I wonder why they stopped those. I’d like more cameos. Or at least the return of mockingbird. She (and cheeky chappy english fella) got a raw deal, written out for their own series that then wasn’t picked up.


Is AoS good now then? Gave up halfway through S3


nono, it is not. Ward was the most interesting thing about it.


Aye the CA: Winter Soldier tie in at the end of S1 was insanely good


I enjoy it. I think general consensus is that it’s a lot better than when it started but if you stuck with it through S3 then it prob hasn’t changed much since.


S1 was a wonderful thing. Also because it felt like buffy in slightly tighter clothing. stuff held up okay in s2, meh s3, but s4 christ no


Well actually @NickDS @cutthelights S4 isn’t actually THAT bad. It starts off a bit duff but the decision to make three separate stories in the 22 episode run has helped it gain some focus. I mean I’m working my way through it now because supposedly the final section of episodes really picked up (and may be why they gave it a shot at a 5th series). Basically it’s watchable. Certainly better than the time I wasted on episode 1 of Iron Fist.

Anyway, the split between TV and film is supposedly why they killed the cameos and stuff so much I think.


Theo is a plant for Marvel and Whedon. It is that bad.


Mate you’re the one who’s trying to draw some kind of weird line between the quality of Seasons 3 and 4. Doing so between Seasons 2 and 3 is hard enough.


this is my stance on it too. xylo is talking crazy talk, s1 was the worst one. THE WORST ONE, XYLO


two was a solid enough exploration of the fallout from Winter Soldier, just with a shit villain.

Three had ward as a villain (better) but too many weird plot strands


Yeah, the first series I really wanted to like it but it had a new adventures of superman Saturday teatime feel to it. I actually forgot about it when it came back for 2nd half of s1 and only caught the last few. I actually thought S2 was a bit boring, good for developing the inhumans and superpowers for Daisy etc but dragged on a bit. S3 felt they embraces the comicness a bit more.


Season 1 is both the worst and the best. Those six-ish episodes at the end built around the Winter Soldier are pretty magic.