Marvel Films Thread


yeah that’s fair, it did improve a lot after the mid-season break. think this last season has been easily the best from start to finish though



You did well to get that far. I didn’t make it through S1. Mae (I think?) and the British duo were the only interesting characters and they had next to no screen time.


I don’t mind Marvel films, but it’s difficult to relate to this all-American films with boring emo metal Arcade Fire soundtracks.

I want British superheroes for British lads, especially northern ones, who write jangly Courteeners boozy do tunes about fighting in kebab shops.


The British duo get way more screen time later but I can’t stand them. The end of season one is well worth sticking out


with proper haircuts?


Christ this looks shit


Fkn too reyt m8, getting the firm all tooled up for DC away


Spider-Man then. I thought it was pretty great, it really gets the high school Peter Parker from the comics. It’s kind of an origin story without actually being a origin story.

Great performances all round Keaton is brilliant and prob best MCU villain yet. I liked the use of his flying jackets fur as a nob to Vultures ruff. Lots of hints of what might be to come without crow barring in irrelevant scenes to set them up a la AoU.

A thumbs up from me clive.


no complaints i guess, just wasn’t into it

think i’m well over superhero films now


Fair enough, I’m a massive fan of these things. Thought it was so much better than the Andrew Garfield ones which just bored me.


Really enjoyed Spider-Man! It could have done with a good 20 minute trim though, the last act was a bit of a drag as it reached the inevitable big fight conclusion. The humour was really good, and I quite enjoyed the general shitness of Spidey wandering around giving old women directions and stopping bike thieves! :smiley: Think they could have done with a bit more of that instead of the fancy suit business tbh. Keaton was great, but Marisa Tomei’s character was weirdly rubbish, she was just written really poorly and two-dimensionally in a film that seemed to nail the character diversity everywhere else. Definitely in the top tier of superhero films for me though, and probably the best Spidey one.


Spider-Man is my favourite superhero and I left Homecoming a bit deflated. i’m going to talk freely, so be warned if you haven’t seen it.

Three basics I feel the filmmakers screwed up on:

  • Spider-Man should NOT, like never ever, having a talking suit that offers him hundreds of different options via a computer system. :frowning_face:
  • No-one ‘normal’ should know Spider-Man’s real identity (Ned, Aunt May?!).
  • Spider-Man really should have ‘spider-sense’ abilities to some degree.

Now, I get why all the above were included because it fits into the film’s desire to be a John Hughes/superhero hybrid flick tied to The Avengers, but what a disappointment to me as a fan of the character… No-one wanted another origin story but, if they were happy to just drop us into a world where PP is already Spidey, at least remain faithful to some of the fundamentals. A lot of things seemed to be there for lolz - fine, have some yuks, we all know Spidey is a sharp wit for example, but I felt the film struggled to choose between being a high school teen flick or a superhero movie.

(On further reading, apparently the ‘sense’ will make an appearance in Infinity War so they are seemingly making it an ability that slowly manifests. Seems I’ll have to just go with this ‘Marvel world’ flow but I still don’t care for that).

That said, Tom Holland was great, ditto Michael Keaton - those tense scenes they share just over halfway in were superb. I also liked how grounded the film was in its ‘superhero/villain’ aspects.

Side-note: thought it was cheeky how Paltrow got third billing in the end credits… poor Marisa Tomei! :laughing:


Wasn’t that kind of the point though?

Argh ffs


I suppose on one level sure, if you mean Peter Parker balancing his life.

But, for me, the two aspects just sat stagnant side-by-side and the filmmakers seemed to favour the comedy/high school side too much (like with Ned knowing Peter is Spider-Man and then constantly harping on with questions etc).


i think in truth it’s a kid’s film more than the other Marvel offerings. And with good sense: bringing him into the teen side of things increases the kid audience. remember Disney are holding the reigns.


I was like “how does Marvel have Star Wars product placement” for a minute before remembering. Disney you diabolical…


this looks soooooo shiiiiiit


Not enjoyed any of the Marvel TV stuff.

Jessica Jones was OK and the first half of Luke Cage was alright but Daredevil was horseshit, Iron Fist was worse and Agents of Shield was crap as well.


this post has made me a very sad punk indeed (daredevil is amazing)