Marvel Films Thread

Won’t see this for a little but looking forward to it a lot

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cleaning the dust off his Captain America attire

It’s not even been 2 years FFS.




Paul Bettany’s charm is doing a lot of heavy lifting in the first two episodes of WandaVision. Really quite tedious going otherwise, literally just two episodes of an old unfunny sitcom.


They’re actually hiring everyone’s favourite ginger DJ Chris Evans to join the MCU.

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Was wondering when this was starting as all the ads and posters I saw said ‘Streaming Soon’. Not really interested tbh.

Is it 30 mins or an hour?

They are about 20 minutes long followed by masses of credits

Cheers, will give it a whirl then, struggle with hour long stuff these days!

Really like Wandavision so far. The old sitcom elements are very satisfyingly well observed. And I’m a sucker for Things Not Appearing What They Seem.

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Yeah really enjoyed it. Pitch perfect recreation of Bewitched / I Dream of Jeanie (anyone else use to watch them on Channel 4 back in the day?) with just a hint of weirdness. I admire how much they committed to the bit, and the cast is excellent. Arguably the most interesting thing Marvel Studios have ever done?

Really does have a lot of credits though, what’s that about.

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Watched these shitloads as a kid, my parents loved them. Can’t wait to watch WandaVision once my housemates finally go to bed, they said they wanted to watch it but have seen a grand total of 2 Marvel films so I point blank refused to watch it with them ha.

Standard Disney+.

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Errr is this going to be the best programme ever


God episode 1 of WandaVision was tedious.

Oooh, mystery, wow… Really hoping a new crop of writers show up soon for film and TV who know that a mystery isn’t a substitute for actually writing something. A note-perfect recreation of a tired old sitcom even with satire is still mostly a tired old sitcom.

I’ll wait for it all to be online I think and hopefully it’ll work better as a binge thing. Can’t be fucked with drip-feed bollocks.


We watched the first two episodes of Wandavision. I loved it. Note perfect, teasing out the mystery/reveal, with lots of detail and depth in there. It would have been so easy to play it safe with this kind of thing, but it’s gloriously weird.

Also, I just did a quick twitter search, and I’m pleased to see that I wasn’t the only one who thought that Paul Bettany was channelling Rik Mayall during the magic set segment.


^ this. And channeling Blackadder-era Hugh Laurie the rest of the time…

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seemed like something that should be a 5 minute webseries