Marvel Films Thread


Yeah, but I’ll still watch it all. It’s Jack Kirby & Stan Lee’s The Inhumans with real people, not a cartoon!!!




Interesting. Especially the bit about the skrulls. With that and the avengers tower being decommissioned (maybe for someone called Baxter to buy it), might that indicate FF coming to MCU?


At first I read it as The Skulls and wondered what a terrible Joshua Jackson film had to do with Marvel


ngl, I am all in on this


Where the fuck has she been all this time then?


The poster is ossum, too


This looks absolutely cracking.


As I recall, Marvel Studios share the Skrulls with Fox (Skrull-Kree Wars with The Avengers caught in the middle) or owns it outright. Fox has Super-Skrull, though.

It’s all very confusing. Ego is a Thor baddie,but ended up with Fantastic Four & Fox because of John Byrne’s 60 issue run. There’s a great story where Thing is inside Ego’s brain with a bomb, That scene was recreated with Groot in the GOTG2 after Marvel and Fox did some swapping of rights.

Why do I know this?


really liked guardians of the galaxy. a joy.


Saviour of the Universe!


In space I presume.


I kind of wish they’d kept the Sutur reveal until the actual film, other than that it’s a nice trailer.


Kind of wish I hadn’t watched that because it was so ruddy, bloody excellent.
Really need to manage my expectations before the film starts.


I’ve stopped watching trailers for films I know I’ll see, they spoil too much nowadays.


Yeah the last 3 genre films I watched were Spider-Man, Wonder Woman and Logan; didn’t watch the trailers for any of them, went in with 0 hype and enjoyed them all loads. Hyping yourself for a film is setting yourself up to be disappointed I reckon.


I usually resist but there was all pretty colours and stuff.



“I’m relentless, I’m like the Terminator. You’re more like Sarah Connor, and in the first movie too, before she could do chinups.”