Marvel Films Thread

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Was just about to post this!

Also there’s a new Black Widow trailer

Okay stuck the thread up

Will be interested to see how this rolls really in terms of acknowledging her death in the film.

My daughter enjoyed Avengers Assemble and we got through The First Avenger but she got a bit bored with the politics side of The Winter Soldier and found the Fury chase upsetting more than exciting which is a shame. We’ll see if she’ll come back to it. I was basically hoping to get her through that, AoU and Civil War since she’ll want to see Black Widow in the cinema.

started watching the last season of agents of shield and it’s… really fucking great? obviously they knew it was the final season so just went all out to make the most stupid and fun show possible, and they’ve actually nailed it. wish it had been like this the whole time

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I think AoS is consistently good TBH although I’m still in S5. But its issue is trying to fill 22 episodes a season which just results in a lot of Wheel spinning side stories

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yeah I think aside from the first season it has been pretty good. they’ve really embraced the goofiness in this last season though and it’s all the better for it (imo, could see it not being for everyone tho)

TBF the final third of S1 that ties in with Winter Soldier is about the best thing they ever did. The first 12 or so eps though… :grimacing:

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Raises the important point about The Irishman’s use of the tech.