Marvel Films Thread


Yeah, second series of Daredevil with the Punisher was excellent.

Didn’t like any of the others though.


Between this and Ricky Baker in Deadpool 2 can we get Sam Neill in Captain Marvel or something


On the one hand, I agree, the trailers have been so good they’ve definitely raised expectations too high. On the other hand, being able to watch the Thor trailer roughly once a week has been great for my depression because it will cheer you up no matter what.

God I love Taika Waititi.


I watched (some of) Green Lantern last week (because it was free and my little boy wanted to watch it) (it was shit) and he’s actually in that.


Hah! How peculiar. I don’t imagine for a second its worth watching just for him but interesting to know.

I’m excited that we’re getting two Things We Do in the Shadows spin-offs; We Are Wolves and Paranormal Investigations Unit. He should just rack up projects to give me something to find basically reassuring for the future.


I can confirm that it is not worth watching.

A lot of it is like a humourless GotG.


Most of the Punisher stuff was great but really couldn’t get into The Hand / Elektra storyline in DD S2 which also made viewing Iron Fist a total chore…





I like Marvel films, but this made me laugh


Inhumans sounds great


So many bad reviews :smiley:


There was never a chance in hell I was going to watch this. Shame they didn’t make it a film, it had potential.

I really enjoyed Defenders fwiw. God knows why it was like 8 hours shorter than Iron Fist.


Paul Jenkins & Jae Lee’s Inhumans series had great potential to be a TV adaptation, so it’s a shame they’ve fucked it up. Could’ve really been good, there’s room to expand that series and add extra characters and storylines within the main narrative without weakening it, and going unashamedly Kirby with the visuals instead of the 90s #edgy aesthetic the comic had (which imho was its only weak point).


Are we talking Nintendo’s pink ball mascot that lives in a cartoon candyfloss world? If so, you’ve completely sold this series to me in half a sentence.


yep that woulda been the goto arc wouldn’t it. Or Inhuman with Lash and co but they already slapped that plot about horrible in AoS




Marvel Studios: rehoming unwanted Human Torches since 2011.

(oh BABY)


This looks utterly fucking incredible.