Marvel Films Thread

I sort of want to see it but at the same time I didn’t see the last one and this looks truly weird.

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Trying to picture a normal cinema go-er getting hyped by this. I don’t know anything about The Eternals and I have no idea what the premise is after this trailer.


I remember thinking the same thing about Guardians of the Galaxy. “Vin Diesel playing a tree? A talking raccoon? Good luck!” I said at the time. Now I would die for them.


At this point the MCU and Fast and Furious franchises are about the ONLY things normie cinema goers get hyped about!


I’ve read a few bits and pieces and they and the Inhumans are the worst things in Marvel comics but as people say, Guardians was a hit so anything is possible.

I’m a little concerned that this film fully leans into the racist colonialist thing of ancient non-white cultures can’t have built those things on their own they must have had help from aliens!!!

But hopefully they will avoid that.

Ah, found the meme image:

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The whole concept is pretty much Chariots of the Gods? so the original concept is a bit iffy. It depends what Marvel has done with it I guess. The 70’s were weird :slight_smile:

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The Fast and the Furious fanbase are even more obsessive than MCU buffs surely? Reckon they all go on holidays together and stuff.


Is this a Sony thing like Venom?

Something weirdly

about that (having to watch it without sound so it’s just a visual thing).

Gotta be I think. Nothing on the MCU schedule.

It will be. He’s a Spiderman villian

Uff. Too young. Way too young. Wish they’d gone the opposite direction, frankly - I’ve been dream-casting Ian McShane as a deeply bitter and kranky old Kraven for years.

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Don’t get how you can do a Kraven film without Spider-man. He’s pretty much a straight villain and doesn’t even have an anti-hero thing going on like Venom.

Unless they are planning a remake of white Hunter, black heart.

Just watched Spider-Man: Far From Home, which I think was the last Marvel film I hadn’t seen…

Very confused by the post-post credits scene. Spoilers: I assume it ties back to Captain Marvel but I can’t for the life of me remember what happened there.