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Having seen the final episode of Loki I’d reiterate the fact they’re not exactly tied in:

(Ep 6 Loki and Spider-Man FFH spoilers)

Spider-Man FFH setup the Multiverse. Laying aside the fact that it’s a fake out, it was putting the idea out there and Endgame also implied offshoots. Here we have an entire series that first introduces us to the TVA who are there to stop this happening but by the end of the season has removed it so that Multi-Verses can happen.

In much the same way TF&TWS worked from something we took for granted, namely that Sam was the new Captain America, and made a little ‘closed loop’ of story to show his journey but our final position then aligns with audience expectation if they simply watched him in the next film.

Obviously there is the presence of the guy that has no name in the show but is cast in Ant-Man 3, but then this version is dead by the end so once more there is nothing specific to the film setup.

If I didn’t like Loki episode 1 am I likely to enjoy the rest?

Not really.

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back to watching Star Trek it is then!

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Wonder what that means for Boba Fett cause both Mando seasons came out in that late November timeframe.

I’ve now worked my way through the full Marvel timeline in order from the Disney+ stream, including the three series. From a standing start (as in, only had watched GoTG and Black Panther), thoroughly enjoyed them. Thought the earlier Thor ones were a bit weak, and I’d rather it was Harry Conick Jr or Freddy Prinze Jr as Iron Man, but that aside, time well spent.

i’m not a fan of RDJ at all but this really made me laugh

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