Marvel Films Thread


Totally onboard for this.


Thor: Ragnarok is out now and is lots and lots and lots of fun. Taika Waititi :heart_eyes:


korg is a great character


Hope that Infinity War has dialogue like this


saw this the other day, really great. feel like it didnt really get started until odin dies, the smart arse thor dialogue was a bit much for me to begin with, but then i really started to enjoy it. me and the gf keep calling each other “baby arms”. would have been better if hulk hadnt been in the trailers as well, but there we go. taika waititi is brilliant



Starring Phil Mitchell as the bad guy!


I hope this one is about a portal in the sky that transports an army of faceless clones to threaten the future of planet Earth!


In its defence, Thanos is the original portal in the sky guy.


Yeah that was a bit mean but it is getting to the point that any film whose villain is a giant light in the sky is almost self-parody now. When that happened in Suicide Squad and the clone army was literally faceless I was sure they were taking the piss.


Sooooo Disney is apparently close to a deal to buy a lot of Fox’s assets, including their movie division.

Which would most likely bring the X-Men (and Fantastic Four, I guess) into the MCU.

Who would you cast to play Nu-Wolverine?


I’d cast Jim Carey but kill him off in the first 10 seconds because no one needs any more Wolverine. Then I’d make a film about one of the gazillion more interesting characters.


I’d cast @sadpunk to play Wolverine. I reckon he’d be well into it.


A bulked-up Adam Scott. After Pratt and Rudd, surely he’s next


that image makes me feel ill


i reckon go full balls-out with current cannon and cast a woman as X-23/Wolvs




Reckon Deadpool aside, they’ll completely reboot it.

Not like the X-Men movie series isn’t absolutely convoluted anyway.


almost feels like jackman nailed on wolverine so well towards the end that there’s not so much point though…i wonder if they’ll go for x-23 anyway. hmm.


Wolverine was replaced by X-23 like just this year.

If Marvel bough Fox’s assets then I’d rather they keep the X-Men separate from the rest of the films and just continue the existing line. Really worried that the Dark Phoenix film is going to be utter wank though, the Scott and Jean they cast in Age of Apocalypse were both personality vacuums, and that film as a whole was a mess.

Bringing the FF into the Marvel Universe IS an exciting prospect. I’d definitely go in for a film set in the 60s where the FF are the OG superheroes to pop-up (after Captain America and other WWII guys tho, obv). Have it all campy and OTT with all the wacky Kirby shit they can throw in. But really the FF licence likely encompasses a shit ton of villians who’d work really well for the existing characters. Namor, Dr Doom, and the Skrulls would all be brilliant Avengers villains, and the cosmic stuff like Annilus would be good for a Guardians Of The Galaxy film, and then I’d shit my pants if we could see Thor scrapping with Galactus and Silver Surfer in a film.