Marvel Films Thread


The Skrulls are gonna be in the Captain Marvel film apparently (which is gonna be set in the 1990s so presumably that’ll cover the whole period piece -> off to space -> back magically unaged thing)


Also - honestly though have very mixed feelings about the current X-verse. It’s a complete mess post-DoFP (love how Caliban appeared in two films released six months apart, portrayed by two different actors, that are nominally in the same continuity but 50 years apart), a lot of the films are very average, and aside from Jackman/Stewart/McKellen I’m not sure anyone has really defined any of the roles.


The best Fantastic Four film is The Incredibles. Looking forward to the sequel.


totally agree about this. i usually think reboots can be annoying if done too hastily, and all credit to them for actually persevering with the sort of timeline insanity both marvel and DC have become known for in the actual comics themselves. but at this point, you can start fresh and do something like this:

X-Men (Bastion, Purifiers, Techno virus, Legion flipping out etc as obvious arcs)
X-Factor Investigations (TV series)
New Mutants
Exiles (TV series, easily)


I…would kind of hate for it all to be brought in. The X-Men are great because what they are at their core is a hated minority, and that’s always meant a huge and dark arc for them in the comics. Look at the absolute void of moral lessons/ethical questioning that the current MCU actually is at this point. It says and does nothing. It puts a different hero on top of a samey plot arc and just sort of goes on in one flavour, at one speed, forever.

If they beige out the X-men what’s the point?


and you’re right about FF too. coz they’re already pretty boring so it’d work :smiley:


Quite like X-Men being separate to Marvel. I think the best X-men films (X2, First Class, Days of Future Past, Logan) are miles better than the Marvel films. I don’t mind that much that they also have a good selection of stinkers when the best are so good.


Good point. The Marvel universe is all a bit ASCII shrug about aliens, gods, green monsters, massive disasters every few months etc all turning up at once, it’s just by the by. Everything is normal there.

The first couple of X-Men flicks did at least address the moral implications of being so different (like the Iceman and his parents bit in X2). But in the MCU, it’s hard to see mutants being anything but ‘yay new super-friends!!!’. If everyone’s cool with Thor, Hulk, Vision et al, then Jubilee or whoever isn’t gonna stand out and there’s no ‘point’ to them but fanservice.

What’s weird is the DC films at least address this - Batman being suspicious of the super-powered alien and trying to mitigate the effects of all this craziness. Not saying they did it well, but at least it’s there (haven’t seen it).


yep. DC even regularly has batman become an enemy of the state and fired on by police regularly. marvel is indeed now just in super-friends mode and christ it’s going to be boring if they shove that onto the X-Men, particularly when there are some huge and wonderful villains as yet unexplored. The purifiers in particular would be phenomenal.


Yeah The Incredibles is the best superhero film full stop, one of my all-time favourite films, probably top 5. It nails the superhero take on an average family dynamic in a way that it’d be difficult for any FF film to ever match. But the story and the tone is all comes from spy adventure films, FF’s story and a massive part of the appeal is the grandiose sci-fi and fantasy spectacle. Also the FF have a different family setup to The Incredibles, the obvious example being Ben because he’s completely unable to live a normal life. There’s a lot of sneaking around in The Incredibles that wouldn’t exist in FF, and the celebrity angle of the FF that doesn’t come into The Incredibles. There’s potential for an amazing FF film that does stand in The Incredibles’ shadow, but nobody’s unlocked it yet. Only thing is, it’ll probably never happen, because the budget required and throwing away of convential summer tentpole superhero movie wisdom is would require would never get granted by any studio ever. Man can dream tho.

It’s clobberin’ time!


I did wonder why it was half superhero/half spy adventure and I can only speculate Pixar were hedging their bets that the audience didn’t want a 100% superhero film. Sounds ridiculous saying that in 2017, but the film was pitched in 2000 and Batman & Robin was still fresh in everyone’s mind. I rest my case.

I like how the timeline of The Incredibles mirrors the rise, fall and rise of superhero comics in America. There was a 15 year gap when the family were in hiding after giving up being superheroes. The same number of years when superheroes had vanished from comics from 1945 to 1960. Then DC created a new Flash in '59 and Lee/Kirby debuted Fantastic Four in '61 to kickstart the Silver Age of comics. When Jack Jack flamed on at the end, the family had the full set of powers of the Flash and F4. Nice touch, Brad Bird knows his history.



So the Marvel/Fox deal has officially gone through and I’m really excited about seeing X-Men and the FF in the MCU. I wonder if the abandoned Avengers Tower will become the Baxter Building?

I’d love it if they do some post credits teasers like seeing a guy in a wheelchair being told about strange new powers a teenage girl has developed or having the Hulk end up in Canada and seeing Dept. H say they’ll send their new super solider to investigate and just seeing someone pulling on a glove with claw housings.


The only sad thing about this is we’ll lose Good Quicksilver and keep Boring Shit Stop Trying To Make Aaron Taylor-Johnson Happen Quicksilver


i anticipate a brutal reboot and destruction of the Singer timeline


ummm AT-J is definitely not the shit Quicksilver

case in point…


It has to be really. While there’s been some great X-Men films and their success ultimately let Marvel do the MCU there’s been a lot of bad to poor ones and the timeline is a complete mess. Loads of great characters who have been under or badly used (remember Storm and Psylocke in the last film? Me neither).

And loads of the actors that made the best X-Men films (Jackman, Stewart, Mckellen) have retired from the roles.


oh god they’re going to fire up A vs X aren’t they.


AT-J is the shit anything (except the first Kick-Ass)


I reckon X-Men will be segregated from the MCU, but the F4 will be brought back in. If only to have Doctor Doom, Galactus and the Silver Surfer.