Marvel Films Thread


I like Iron Man 3 as well. The villain thing is the best part of it.


no you didn’t.

this is my hot take. get your own.


Just to make clear, when I say villain in Iron Man 3, I mean Guy Pearce not Ben Kingsley. Ben Kingsley is hilarious in it


Ok Iron Man 3 is better than … um… Black Panther.


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kathleen kennedy has ruined my childhood!

think I’m having a breakdown.


guys: Iron Man 3 is just RDJ doing one liners for two hours


at least in the avengers other people also do one-liners


One-liners written by Shane Black no less. Even better!


Finally got round to watching Black Panther… it’s not very good? I mean it’s very watchable and pretty enjoyable in a way that nearly all Marvel films are, but I had really high expectations after the rave reviews and it was just… fine. Best thing about it was clearly Michael B Jordan.


Yep - it’s good and watchable and all the cast are great (even the usually awful Forrest Whitaker) but not sure why it’s quite so hyped. Vibranium is magic and can fix everything.

Culturally, it’s a huge and important deal, obviously.


Weirdly, I find it easier to tolerate RDJ’s shtick in Iron Man films that in the ensemble films. He irritated the piss out of me in Infinity War.


I appreciate it has a cultural weight that I can probably not fully appreciate, but I thought as a piece of film-making it was just pretty sterile and by-numbers Marvel. And I’m not sure about the cast tbh - Chadwick Boseman was really bland and unengaging, and the less said about Martin Freeman the better.



That Writing Excuses podcast casually called out the MCU movies when talking about making characters stand out because in the MCU any quip could basically have come from any character. And, yeah, pretty much bang on.


Can’t really work out how to respond to this. I mean ‘not very good’ implies a pretty bad film to me but then “very watchable and pretty enjoyable” is basically something I’d say the majority of films I’ve watched fail to achieve. I get what you mean that it’s still an MCU film but I think it does their template at about the best level they can ever achieve while they still refuse to take any risks.

I get the expectations thing, though. I definitely went in with my expectations lowered because the Marvel fans are so ludicrously hyped about these films you have to remind yourself it’s just an action film.

Still, top 3 for me along side Avengers Assemble and Captain America 2. The rest I have no real interest in ever watching again.



The world reacts to news of a release date for Iron Fist season 2



feels like a weird thing to say when ragnarok exists


or indeed ant man


Was Ragnarok really a risk? Surely Guardians of the Galaxy was the risk (Ant-Man too) and that proved that stuff like Ragnarok would be a hit