Marvel Films Thread


who cares


okay so they weren’t even playing it entirely safe in phase 2 either then :sunglasses: thanks theo!


well you don’t know do ya.




Because I was specifically talking about Phase 3


Mate last time I fell for this I ended up watching the first Tomb Raider film to confirm it was exactly as I expected (actually it was worse but no one could have predicted how bad that film was) :wink:


never watch tomb raider films theo. i can’t emphasise that enough. never be tempted. oh maybe the alicia vikander film isn’t so ba-


Spider-Man Homecoming is actually really really good yo


Oh dear


Man I read some of those tweets… fucking grim. What a weird dude. How has this only been surfaced now?


Yeah, though of course the right wing guy who was most attacking him for them has said stuff like this in the past:


See whereas Gunn’s tweets come across as very bad attempts at edgey ‘humour’ those tweets are just repulsive.


Oh I’m under no illusion that that cernovich lad is a fucking cretin


If anyone is curious, there’s an album of the stuff here.

What an absolute chump.


I’m reading that Gunn deleted the tweets and publicly apologised for them before he was hired by Marvel. So it does seem a bit off for Disney to give him the boot for something which they’d absolutely have known about before they even hired him. But I still find it difficult to be sympathetic with him when he put those tweets out there to begin with; fair enough he’s apologised and stopped it, but in the real world that’s never going to make you immune to the repercussions of fucked up things you’ve previously said.


Maybe not. I quite like the idea of Big, but with superheroes:


Gunn was 41 to 46 when he did those tweets. What was he thinking?


From SDCC this weekend


I think it’s fine to consider someone who is only 18 might not have learned and/or feel peer pressure strongly, but other than that there’s really nothing about growing old that forces you to learn stuff, so really his age then is irrelevant. His apology seemed good and straightforward like a person who definitely has come a long way since then. Prior to that it’s I guess clear that either none of his mates pulled him up on it or he was surrounded by people who thought that sort of joking was funny.


This is real ugly. Those tweets are pretty stupid - but he is a guy that had a persona of making stupid comments. He worked for Troma after all. Didn’t he put out a pretty comprehensive apology years ago for them? And hasn’t he conducted himself in a considerably different way ever since? To the extent that friends and colleagues seem to praise how he conducts himself now? Disney hired him knowing full well his background, and having completed (one would have thought) a somewhat comprehensive background check. McDonald’s do a social media background check after all.

So this all seems to have come about due to Mike Cernovich, who has only done this seemingly due to Gunn’s persistent attack on Trump. This pearl clutching, manufactured outrage nonsense he peddles is pathetic. Coupled with the fact he’s trying to whip up people to believe Gunn is an actual paedophile. Disney have set a weird precedent giving in to this fake outrage, propagated by a convicted wife beater and rape apologist for speaking up against the GREAT LEADER.