Marvel Films Thread


This looks pure shite. Really shite.

As does Aquaman.


I saw the trailer for Aquaman at the weekend and bites fist it looks so bad.

The where he goes “that was the worst pep talk… ever” in a really forced Marvel-humour way. GOD.


I think DC are trying to see if we are at early 2000s Nostalgia levels for Elektra style superhero movies not realising we’ve moved on a bit.


I don’t think anyone on this planet is ever going to have nostalgia for the Daredevil or Elektra movies are they?


Was just talking on Saturday about how I’m fond of the Daredevil film actually


Proof of sentient life from elsewhere at last! :wink:


It’s got a bizzare camp flare that no Marvel Studios film comes anywhere close to


jason momoa though


I’d like this twice if I could.


just wait til they find his oldDiS account


On a separate note - i sent him a facebook message once, just after Super came out - and he sent a really lovely response. He’s a good egg.


Out of interest is there a confirmation that he owned up and apologised for all those Tweets before Disney first took him on? It paints them as utter shit stains if so, IMO


so fucking annoyed that those smirking alt-right bad faith shitheads get to win again. and the absolute state of this


I think that Shazam trailer looks fine.

TBH Aquaman’s problem is that story was pretty stale when Thor, Inhumans and Black Panther mined it so I can’t really see how it can bring anything new to the ‘one true king usurped’ story.


Pretty sure I saw evidence that he’d apologised back in 2012 and again last year.


Yep - a bunch of apologies etc years back. I’m not suggesting there shouldn’t be consequences for the tweets etc, but this whole thing has grown out of an incredibly bad faith situation, and should have been dealt with at the time as opposed to this bizarre delayed response. It’s also fair to say his attitudes etc have considerably altered and he’s been looking to make amends with his actions ever since. Should that not be taken into account?


From what I’ve read, Gunn apologised for “50 Marvel super-heroines I’d like to shag”. Not for those tweets.


Sure but I think it’s important that these are the Tweets that were already acknowledged. Otherwise, regardless of how much he isn’t that guy, you’re leaving yourself wide open to the next person being less clearcut and then they get to stay and it’s a worry


There’s no morality involved in Disney’s decision, they’re a business making films for kids, they can’t have pedo joke guy making their kids films. Simple as that really.


theyre way ahead of you there