Marvel Films Thread


In the 90s they distributed a film directed by Victor Salva who was a convicted child molester


They had a paedo making films (Victor Salva), have an ex-con as their most bankable star (Downey) and have had a wife beater in their employ (Depp). This smacks of knee-jerk pandering to a bad faith attack.


fucking hell - I remember there being a stink about the film Powder at the time of it’s release - had no idea he was still working in hollywood after that, That is fucked up


Yeah. Pretty messed up.


All of these are profit oriented descions. I’m not Disney and I’m not endorsing anything they do, but they’ve weighed up this, as with everything else, based on money.


And Rose McGowan did a film directed by him a few years ago!


Just finished Luke Cage season 2 - imo Misty remains the best thing about it by a mile


Infinity War deleted scene:

Adds nothing and you can see why it was deleted (also un-CGIed Mantis, weird), but it does have a totally Arrested Development cutaway gag @ about 38s.


Don’t think it’s done with just yet…


They should hold out on filming the next one until Gunn is reinstated. That would properly shit Disney up.


Pom Klementieff’s signature is an absolute winner


Ant-Man & the Wasp is out and it’s… absolutely fine?

It’s very light. There’s no real villain to speak of, but I think of all Marvel franchises this is the one can sustain a structure like that. The heist movie vibe isn’t there this time round, but they do find a pretty organic way to work in a fan-favourite element of the first one. But I think mostly it’s about the performances and the presentation. The use of scale and environments in regard to the size-changing is so imaginative and fun, and just about the entire cast turn in great performances. Paul Rudd is Paul Rudd. Evangeline Lily is a badass. Michael Pena is great. Randall Park doesn’t get enough screentime but has great chemistry with Rudd. I keep thinking about lines or moments and smiling, which I think is a mark of a good comedy.

If nothing else, as with most second-tier Marvel films, it’s still better than most comedies that have been released this summer and most CGI-heavy films. So.

And, yes, There are mid- and post- credits scenes that tie into Infinity War. Got an audible gasp from the audience at my screening.


Yeah, I agree with all of this. Also the villain is another in a recent trend of good Marvel villains (Killmonger, Thanos-ish) who you can sort of appreciate as being more nuanced instead of just being an evil bastard.

Couple of thoughts:

Fishburne’s Goliath was a bit of a nothing chaacter in the end, huh?
The mid-credits scene left two kids near me in tears. I should’ve seen it coming a mile off but I suppose it’s to the films credit that it drew me in to such an extent that I forgot about Infinity War’s ending. There were a fair few gasps in my screening too.

Gonna go again this afternoon I think.



honestly think the sex scene from that film has scarred me for life


Ant-Man and the Wasp - so are those ‘quantum healing particles’ going to be part of how they reverse the ending of Infinity War?


Think they mentioned specifically mentioned some time travel stuff which will come in to play.

Ant-Man is my favourite Marvel film so mildly let down by this. It’s still a good film but the first hour or so drags a bit. The final 40 minutes or so are just wonderful however so it balances out to a strong 7. I’d have liked to have seen the inventiveness of the finale peppered more throughout the film.

Have seen a lot of people saying they enjoyed Ghost as a semi-villain. Can’t get on board with that, to me she felt like she’d been ripped from an average episode of Doctor Who. I think they could have explored the idea that Hank Pym is actually a bit of a wanker in more detail.

Luis is the best character in the MCU.


It feels a bit weird that Ghost says Hank Pym screwed over her father, Pym says later that Ghost’s father was a fraud and it never comes up again - we could at least have found out who was telling the truth there!


If he could have his own spin off trilogy without any superheroes then that would be lovely.


What did the wasp eat in the quantum place all that time