Marvel Films Thread


Luis and Korg go on a space adventure


This is just rumbling on then

Drax will presumably spend Guardians 3 being perfectly still, so still nobody can see him.


im kind of really not arsed who directs it, coz the second one was boring?


Actually good point


They could just not resurrect him along with the rest of the cast when they hit the undo on Infinity War next year?


“Look Spidey drax has come back! In a form that don’t have no stinkin smart mouth on him!”


What the hell’s he doing in the Marvel Cinematic Universe then?


Disney takeover. Now every cast member is voiced by Eddie Murphy and The Rock


At the same time? That’s going to be painful listening.


“Can you smell what the Groot is cooking?”


Imagine Vin Diesel’s face if asked to read that line :slight_smile:



he looks so amusingly camp in screenshots/general


I searched for “Vin Diesel Angry” and he looks wryly amused in pretty much every shot. “Vin Diesel Disgust” pulls up either bemused or happy shots.


Vin with hair is so odd
the big man in ‘the last witchhunter’ is my desired look A/W 2018


From when his headshot had hair





Ant-Man and the Wasp was a load of fun.

Quite enjoyed not having a real villain, instead having the sympathetic character who just wants to live, the over-the-top arms dealer, and the FBI middle-manager. All in all really well acted and charming, they managed to do loads of interesting things with the size gimmick, and they nailed the light-hearted mood so much that the mid-credits scene completely made me gasp as I’d forgotten all about infinity war

Hope they make loads more of these, they’re both easily among the best in the MCU


Did quite like ant-man, but weird that despite the light-hearted tone, there wasn’t one even half-decent joke throughout. Dunno if it was bad script or delivery. Prob the former.


Surely if it was the right decision and you went about it in the right way, ‘clearing the air’ wouldn’t be necessary…

Look forward to Bautista’s response.