Marvel Films Thread


Found that too. It was like “Ok the script is nowhere near as good as the first but we might be able to make it work if we say the lines in exactly the same style” except it didn’t work.


got to say, im halfway through luke cage s2 and it is boring. its getting better but man its been a slog so far


haven’t got that far yet but all marvel netflix seasons are about 4 episodes too long


oh aye no question about that. iron fist danny rand and his magic hand was 13 episodes too long


“youve got that loo in your eye dan. you about to say some zen shit?”

fair play, it’s defo getting better towards the end. quite like luke and danny as a duo, where luke just tells danny all the time that his real power is being a rich white boy and sometimes danny uses his magic hand to punch lukes hands to do that crazy wave effect thing


Looks like the franchise is taking a change in direction after James Gunn’s departure


really didn’t enjoy Jessica Jones s2 at all :frowning:


Lots of pretty mundane spoilers for post-A4:

They’re filming Spider-man: Far From Home in and around/London right now. Someone on reddit posted some low quality footage of Nick Fury and Maria Hill standing in front of a Pret, apparently in Wapping.

Glamorous stuff!



That cover is terrible but some interesting bits about the film, and…

Skrulls! Nine Inch Nails! Young Nick Fury!


I wonder why Monica Rambeau has become Maria? (Especially when there’s already a Maria in the MCU?) I guess they’ll have changed her backstory but still want to include her in some way.

De-aged SLJ looks very impressive in a still, hope it holds up in action.


Since when was there a Pret in Wapping? Sad!


I thought Maria the pilot in this film is supposed to be Monica’s mum?


Oh maybe. Cool.


Jamie McKelvie’s Capt Marvel costume on the big screen :heart_eyes: Brie Larson :heart_eyes: Monica Rambeau Snr :heart_eyes: this film is eliciting some serious yaaaas from me

Spider-Man has me a bit worried though, Homecoming’s strength was that it was a very low-key and personal story, kept him a friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man. Whenever Spider-Man goes worldwide and gets involved with SHIELD it stops working for me. The rest of the MCU can have big scale globe-hopping adventures, Spider-Man having to also be an ordinary high school kid with normal worries is literally his whole character.


THIS! It’s why Matt Fraction and David Aya’s Hawkeye run was so, so wonderful. He got beat up a lot while trying to sort out some property gangsters. No big universe-ending time-travelling plot, just a guy with some arrows trying to help out in his neighbourhood.


Watched that new ant man film on a steam. Think it could lay claim to being the worst edited movie of all time. Just generally bad in many other ways too


Hope you’re all looking forward to digging into Iron Fist s2


I’ll watch it, I didn’t hate the first season but it’s definitely the weakest of the TV series imo, need to finish Luke Cage s2 first though which is dragging a tad, although the team up with Danny Rand and his Magic Hand has pepped it up a bit.


The fight action is supposed to be better this time around - before it was pretty slow and flimsy for a show about punching. Was that Jessica Jones’ mate fighting someone on the subway?