Marvel Films Thread


Finally watched Infinity War. It was really good! A top Marvel film for sure. Think Thanos really made it, was impressed at Brolin and how he looked and everything. Had real character, wasn’t just an afterthought like every other Marvel villain.


i saw Deadpool 2 the other day and as excited as I was for Brolin as Cable it was a pretty pointless film. glad he got Thanos as well.



As if she lamped an old lady, bang out of order


Nice, looks great.


Almost as good as when Simon Pegg does it in Hot Fuzz



What makes


A hero

smacks old lady right across the face



Yeah but that old lady will be a skrull.


I’m hoping she isn’t at all, Carol just thought she was and clobbered her.


They should have her then hitting Stan Lee but he’s not a skrull


Imagining Stan’s head doing a comedy wobble like a punchbag and him going “ow ya really biffed my nose there lady, what’s the big idea?”


Oh really? I was so looking forward to that. Ant-Man is one of my favourite Marvel films; did you like the first one?


Tbh black panther was the only marvel film I’ve seen that I would say is actively good, so my opinion probably won’t mean much to you. But I thought this one was worse than most


If you liked the first one you should like A&W. It is very strangely edited though, scenes seen to end a bit too early.


Not sure Stan Lee getting abused would really go down well considering his current situation.


More this than anything sinister:

Is he still having problems with people around him? Stan Lee is great.


Not quite sure where it’s at, I think this was the latest:


I rewatched Black Panther the other day and i still think it’s great right up until the ubiquitous Final CGI scrap, which is basically a cartoon. Definitely the best Marvel villain so far. Did you not like Guardians or Ragnarok?


Both okay, but I generally watch these things when I feel a bit apathetic about life and want to switch my brain off. Ultimately I’ll never get over the absurdity of superheroes as a concept, I don’t think.


I watched Infinity War again and appreciated some moments that I missed first time round.

Like when Cap, Black Panther and everyone were overwhelmed by the aliens in Wakanda. How do they win this one? Then Thor appears teleporting from the forge planet. A literal Deus ex machina.

When Cap takes on Thanos on his own. There’s a fleeting worried look on Thanos. That’s 100% pure goodness from Cap.

(These ones are particularly niche)

Spider-Man teaming up with Iron Man to rescue Dr Strange from aliens is such a typical opening scene from 70s comics. :exploding_head:

Iron Man and Drax battling Thanos on Titan is exactly what happened when Thanos debuted in Iron Man 55. :exploding_head: :exploding_head: