Marvel Films Thread


I bought The Infinity Gauntlet recently. Whatever your feelings on Infinity War, I think we can all be pretty glad they didn’t keep the whole “Thanos murders half of all life because a woman rejects him” thing.


With the Captain Marvel trailer now out there the story of how ma boiii Jamie McKelvie came to design her suit is making the rounds once again.

Feel now a bit vindicated from those days when it first came out that I spent arguing with sweaty neckbeards on forums that yes this new costume is excellent and no the bum and boobies Ms Marvel costume should not have been kept.


There’s an important distinction from other Marvel small screen efforts, however. The actors who portrayed these heroes and villains in the Avengers films and their spin-offs, such as Tom Hiddleston and Elizabeth Olsen, are expected to play them in the streaming shows. Moreover, though sources close to the production are staying mum on the cost of the programming, the budgets are expected to be hefty rivaling those of a major studio productions. Each series is expected to include six to eight episodes. Marvel Studios will produce the shows and Kevin Feige, the guru of all things MCU, is expected to take a hands-on role in their development.

errrrr wow?

maybe we’ll finally get that Falcon/Bucky buddy comedy


Interesting. Having more tangible crossover between film and TV sounds good.


I recall from a Disney annual report that there is a risk that Marvel characters will go into public domain after 2030.

So I can imagine Disney sweating their IP as fast and soon as they can before 2030. While, in the shadows, persuading politicians that public domain is bad and private ownership is good.

Disney using Hydra tactics aiming for global I.P. domination.


Nah they’re not in any danger for a good while yet. Disney has been lobbying for decades to have the dates pushed back so nobody else can get their hands on Mickey Mouse. There’re older properties than Marvel for them to worry about.

Also I don’t think it should concern them all that much with Marvel. There’s a million different versions of Sherlock Holmes, but certain adaptations will succeed in spite of the others. Even if the Marvel characters fell into public domain, the MCU would still belong to Disney, they have the reason those characters are successful, so knock-off versions outside of the MCU would stand very little chance of bothering them.


Saw this on Reddit, pretty decent turnaround from the creator


Reckon all the bad Netflix shows were attempts to sabotage Netflix






scratches head




Is this thread limited to MCU films / shows?

Watched Deadpool 2 at the weekend. Very enjoyable. Obviously pretty juvenile but good brainless fun, lots of in-jokes to smirk at.


good cameos too. between this, ragnarok and good will hunting 2: hunting season is matt damon the king of cameos?


Don’t forget Interstellar


Also, EuroTrip.


Aha I had no idea that was him till I just looked! At least I spotted Brad Pitt


Has a brief cameo in Unsane, Soderbergh’s last film, as well


Hang on, isn’t Loki brown bread after Infinity War*? Or was he faking it again?

*haven’t seen it


it’s comics, nerd*

*no-one ever really dies